5 Reasons that make the Tesla Model 3 a Revolutionary Car

  • Apr 11, 2016

All of you might be aware of Tony Stark, the main lead from the famous Hollywood film series Iron Man. But very few would have heard the name Elon Musk, who is often regarded as the real-life incarnate of Tony Stark. After revolutionizing the online payment industry with a global service like PayPal, and changing the extra-planetary scene with the world's first privately owned space transit service SpaceX, Elon Musk has now completely redefined the future of the automotive industry, with his all-new launch, the Tesla Model 3.

When Musk climbed the stage at the star-studded launch event in Hawthorne, California, the Tesla CEO did mention that the Model 3 is the most important Launch for the American supercar maker, ever since it launched its first car, the Tesla Roadster. And within just 3 days of its launch, the company has officially declared to have accumulated around 2,76,000 orders for the model 3, that account to around $10 bn.

But what has caused this new Tesla car to attract such massive audience interest? We at CarBay list down 5 factors that have made the Tesla Model 3 a revolutionary product for the international car market.

Tesla Model 3 price image

Mouth-watering price

With prices starting from $35,000, which is equivalent to around PhP 1.6 billion, the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla car ever on offer. As a result, the Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly one of the best cars one can buy in this segment. We aren't saying that there is an absence of other value for money cars in this price bracket, but none of its other competitors can offer the value that the Model 3 delivers.

Heart-wrenching performance

Tesla Motors is a manufacturer which is famous for developing pure-electric cars, that not only save the environment but also provide performance that can never be matched by its gasoline-powered counterparts. The latest Model 3 is no exception in this regard. With acceleration figures from naught to 60 miles per hour rated at under 6 seconds, the Model 3 promises to leave all its segment rivals in a dust storm. And this pure-electric car doesn't really lack in range as well. A single charge of battery will be able to propel the Tesla Model 3 to a distance of 215 miles. Moreover, CEO Elon Musk did mention that 'there will be versions of the Model 3 that will go much faster.'

Model 3 wallpaper

Futuristic Styling

Every Tesla Car features an incredibly styled package, that bluntly depicts the car's and company's modern characteristics. The Model 3 too has been given an extremely futuristic styling that imparts an aura of elegance to the car's profile. The exteriors get an apparent Model S inspiration, with the similarly styled headlamps, a bland face without any front grille (there isn't any combustion engine to be cooled, so no need of a grille upfront), and a sloping roofline. Rear part of the roof section and the rear windshield is a single frame of glass, that provides an open-top like feel to the occupants. The interiors too have been futuristically designed, including minimalistic elements on the dash and a massive infotainment screen placed as the centre console.

Model 3 Tesla safety

5-Star safety in every category

The launch event audience clapped their breath out when the company CEO revealed that the Model 3 has been designed to optimize occupant safety, and will thus receive a 5-star safety rating in every category. This means a lot in the present automotive market as customers are now rapidly searching for faster yet safer cars as their next purchase options.

Tesla motors portfolio

Tesla's brand image and cult fanbase

Over the years of its existence, Tesla has managed to fabricate itself a cult fanbase, which is often compared to that of Apple. The recent star-studded launch event of the Model 3 further verified this fact, and has strengthened the company's public presence. People have started to look up to Tesla cars as an image of the future of the automotive industry. As a result, when customers do get a chance to be a part of this incredible journey at a relatively affordable cost, people will surely step onto Tesla's bandwagon with the all-new Model 3.

All these factors ensure that the Tesla Model 3 will not only set benchmarks for the future automotive industry in terms of technology but, will also rope in huge sales numbers for the American carmaker. It remains to be seen how other giants respond to this new kid on the block.

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