Bits and Bytes of Tesla Model 3 from Tesla Model S

  • Mar 09, 2016

MANILA: Tesla Motors is known to the world as an all-electric and luxury car manufacturer. The American multinational firm has already spread its name worldwide with a minimum number of products. As of now, the firm is serving its customers with two models in its line-up. While briefing about the product line-up, Model S is the best-in-class luxurious sedan, equipped with top-notch features, whereas the Model X is an SUV, which has made itself a marque, being the world’s first all-electric SUV. The firm is now working to enhance its product lineup by introducing affordable and entry-level cars. Following this brand strategy, Tesla Motors has already announced the launching date of its upcoming entry-level sedan, named as the Tesla Model 3.

Model S Front Quarter

The Tesla Model 3 will be officially made known to the world on 31st March 2016. Tesla Model S is the flagship sedan of the company, while the newly introduced Tesla Model X is said to have taken its design inspiration from the first product. Now, let’s have a brief look at the bits and bytes taken by the upcoming Model 3 from its previous stable siblings.

Maiden Segment: Many customers and critics alleged that Tesla Motors designed its first two cars just to satisfy the rich-class customers. So, the firm has now designed an entry-level sedan to appeal the average range buyers. It is clearly said to be a stripped down version of the larger, all-electric luxurious sedan. With this new-comer, Tesla Motors wanted to acquire a badge of affordable all-electric cars on sale.

Model S Rear

Powertrain and Performance: After a successful production run of the Model S, it is highly expected that the firm may come-up with a more compact battery pack of 70 kWh, or may opt for a capacity smaller than this. Initially, Tesla had offered a 60 kWh and a 40 kWh battery pack as an option for the Model S. But, due to lack of demand, the company discontinued both these options, as the Model S now comes with a 70 kWh battery pack as the minimum capacity option. Tesla Model 3, being an affordable and entry-level sedan, might get powered by a less than 70 kWh battery pack.

Exterior Appearance: The most-anticipated and noticeable part of the Model X is the Falcon wing doors. The firm had to face a huge delay for the market launch of this SUV, due to production constraints revolving around these unconventional doors. So, for this entry-level sedan, the firm might leave behind the falcon doors in order to start production and deliveries on the scheduled time. Inspired by the Model S sedan, the entry-level sedan would measure smaller in dimensions, all around.

Model S Side View

While talking about the technical enhancements, Tesla Motors has already fitted several ultra-modern equipments in the currently available products. A similar array of enhancements would be expected to come equipped with the upcoming model.

Priced at USD 35,000, it will definitely miss lots of additional features, but being an entry-level and affordable sedan, Tesla Model 3 would surely be able to gain fame from the average range buyers.

The above-mentioned details about the upcoming car have been summoned from the snippets showcased by the American electric car manufacturer. Comprehensive details around the Model 3 would come to light only after its official unveil, which is scheduled for the 31st of March.

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