Electric Vehicles Fact File - A Must Read

  • Apr 20, 2016

MANILA: Electric Vehicles are the future of the auto industry. They are seeking a lot of attention lately both from the prospective buyers and automakers. But time and again it is seen that buyers are not a bit sceptical when it comes to buying these motor hearted vehicles. Thus, seeing the market engagement and slowly increasing market share of EV's in mind, we have decided to present you with some facts on the same. Our small initiative to contribute to the environment.

Electric cars are older than BMW & Mercedes

Ya, it's true. BMW that recently turned 100 years old and Mercedes that's been around for 103 years now are both much younger to EV's. If looked closely into the history, the very first electric car dates back to 1828 made by a Hungarian man Anyos Jedlik. Also, many few are aware of the fact that the world capital, New York started running electric taxis as early as 1897. It was only in 1920 that EV's raising rule witnessed a downfall with internal combustion engines getting stronger.

On its way to the throne once again

Mentioned above was the rise and fall of electric vehicles. And now a new chapter is soon about to embark in its biography. Day by day EV's sales figures are improving, moving towards better space. Take, for example, Toyota Prius that reached 1 million sales mark in 2000 and sold 140,928 units in 2010.

Every EV is not small

There is a wrong myth that electric cars are deemed to be small, replicating the image like that of Hyundai Eon and Honda Brio. The actual fact is that electric vehicles come in all shape and sizes. From sedan to SUV, the motor housed car can carry all that's embarked on it. Recently, Hyundai announced its IONIQ concept, a stylish electric sedan, and not the SUV front we have the all-new Toyota RAV-4 electric version.

Its range is not number bound

Electric Vehicles are not always synonymous with low range rating. Each EV displays a distinct figure in this direction depending on many factors like type and age of the battery, temperature and driving style. Most cars come with the standard range of 100 miles, making the picture look not so bad. On the other hand, there are some small ones giving away just 30 miles and ones with Tesla badge rate up to 245 miles in a single charge.

parking garage with EV charging poin

Charge it like you charge your phone

An electric vehicle doesn't require a special power outlet, all you need is a 240-volt plug-in output, which's not at all a big deal these days. Plus, these days power outlet are employed on roadsides in many nations to support EV culture. Also, charging your car at home is a bit of a fun, and imagine the saving you'll be doing by skipping on the gas price forever.

They are silent but in a good way

Being silent is regarded good for an automobile, but not in the case of an EV. EV's are silent in an odd way that is considered more of a treat than an advantage. The lack of noise is considered dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. But on the advantage front, they are a bit for silent zones and heavy traffic areas. But don't worry, the noise problem is looked into and there have been talks to insert a noise alert that would activate when the car approaches near to pedestrians.


You can build one for yourself

Electric cars can be one's DIY project. No, we are not joking around the world there are many auto junkies and hobbyists who have successfully created EV's at home. All you need is a car (old, non-working, near junk would do), tools and conversion kit. Go for it, it the idea interest you. Be a environmentalist in your own way.

  • Prius Front angle low view
  • Prius Side view
  • Rear Cross Side View of Toyota Prius
  • Prius Headlight
  • Prius Tail light
  • Prius Front Ac Vents
  • Toyota Prius Sunroof Moonroof
  • Prius TachoMeter
Toyota Prius
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