9 Interesting Facts About Toyota Prius

  • Jul 19, 2016

MANILA: A few months back we did an article about interesting facts concerning to Toyota. Seeing its favorable response we decided to do one on Toyota Prius, a car that forms an important part of its line-up.

Now, the said Toyota Prius fact file is not specific to one generation and runs from its very beginning to till date journey. It took us a while to compile these facts about Prius, hope they are as new to you, as they were to us.

1. The Name Story -

Prius is no ordinary name. Toyota has done quite a good research both in its designing and naming routine. As for the design language hard work, it is visible to all. But it's the name story of Prius that has got covered in the sand of time. So, here we are dusting it off, Prius actually is the Latin word for 'ahead of time'. We are sure there would have been no better and apt name for this 1997 launched hybrid.

2. The Mass-Production Hybrid -


During the early and late 90's many automakers developed hybrid cars. But only a few were able to convert them to the ones produced under mass scale. Toyota Prius was first gasoline-electric hybrid to enter mass production.

3. Four-Generation 6 Million Units -

Till date, we have witnessed four generations of Toyota Prius. First one came out in 1997, next in 2003 followed by 2009 and the latest generation came out in 2016. Over these years, Prius has achieved a whopping sales figure close to 6 million units.

4. Most Fuel-Efficient

fuel efficiency of prius

Hybrid cars were invented to cut short the usage of fuel. And guess what, Toyota Prius has rightfully fulfilled its deed. It was recently been announced as the most fuel efficient gasoline car
in the U.S.

5. Don't Question its Popularity

Toyota Prius is sold in over seventy countries worldwide. This clearly states the fact that it is one of the most popular hybrid car worldwide.

6. No One Provide Better Warranty


Toyota is a brand known for its great customer and after sales service. The same goes for Toyota Prius, as the company gives a warranty for its battery pack of about 150,000 miles. The said figure can differ from country to country.

7. Great Under Hood Battery

Toyota Prius comes stuffed with a great and efficient battery. Take for example the 2nd generation Prius, it came with a Panasonic co-developed sealed 38-module nickel hybrid battery. The best part about it was that it only charge 40 to 60% of the said maximum capacity. It's a good thing because a full 100% change is bad for your battery's health and affects its shell life.

8. A Battery that Doesn't Degrade

Toyota Prius is fitted with a strong and reliable battery that runs for a lifetime. When to a test, 2002 Prius showed a performance matching to that of a 2011 Prius.

9. Patent Contributor

flying prius patent

Only a few days back Toyota was announced as the company to have filed a maximum number of patents. Prius is one of the major contributors, as while developing 2004 -2009, Toyota filed 530 patents.

  • Prius Front angle low view
  • Prius Side view
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  • Prius TachoMeter
Toyota Prius
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