Toyota Fact File – Know your Favorite Automotive Brand Inside-out

  • Nov 20, 2015

MANILA: How many of you own a Toyota? A lot for sure coz it's not a child's play for a company to become 50% market player in a country. Filipinos trust Toyota like anything and we are sure you'll be interested in knowing some lesser known facts about this Japanese car maker.

Below you'll find some historic yet fun facts about Toyota 


1. Toyota started its journey as a handloom company in 1890, under the guidance of Sakichi Toyoda.

2. The founder of Toyota actually spells his name TOYODA, the spelling of the company was changed to Toyota because when it is written in Japanese script it only takes eight strokes and eight is a considered lucky in East Asian culture.

3. It was only until till 1937 when Toyota entered into automobile business which was started by Kiichiro Toyoda, Sakichi grandson. He visited Europe and the United States for inspiration.

4. Toyota logo was established in 1937, it was the same year when Toyoda Model AA Sedan, AB phaeton and GA truck were announced. Also, G1 truck became the first Toyota car to get exported.

5. The year 1950 was difficult for Toyota as it was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was the Korean war that saved our beloved car manufacturer, in the first few months of the war, the US ordered more than 5,000 vehicles from Toyota, proving to be a saver.

6. Toyota entered Philippines automotive industry in 1988. It is a joint venture between GT Capital, Toyota Motor Corporation and Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

7. Every day Toyota invests $1 million dollars on R&D, with an aim to create better and safer cars.

8. Talking about hybrid vehicles, Toyota is the world's leading manufacturer of the same.

9. Around 80% of the Toyota sold twenty years back can be seen on the road till date.

10. Last and the most interesting one, you can read TOYOTA from its logo alone (as seen in the feature image).


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