5 Things One Should Know Before Buying Ford Ecosport

  • May 06, 2016

MANILA: No offence, but the name Ford by its very aura may not sound that appealing. However, it is a known fact that this American automaker has manufactured some best-in-class cars that are both liked and purchased by people around the world. From small hatch like Fiesta to big giant like Everest, Ford brand has tried its hand on every segment. And how can one forget its renowned performance kid, the mighty Mustang? Well, all this and more (great deals & wide connectivity) have made Ford the 3rd highest revenue generator (in the auto field) in the Philippines, after Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Talking about the soldiers that have guarded its soil for long are present hulk men like Ford Everest, Ford Ecosport, Ford Ranger and Ford Explorer. Here, in this article we have dedicated all our energy to Ford's one specific loyal man that have killed many of its competitors on the battlefield. We are talking about none other than Ford Ecosport.

But like every brave man, this one too withholds some flaws that have multiple times overshadowed by its noteworthy attributes.

Below are mentioned five such points that very prospective Ecosport buyer must have in his/her knowledge.

ecosport front pic

1. SUV tagging is a bit unfair

Ford Ecosport is bestowed with the looks of a rugged and powerful SUV, but in reality, you don't get what exactly you see. What bothers us the most is its housing  under the SUV tag (as can be seen on the website) which is  bit misleading for the consumers. EcoSport is subcompact sport utility vehicle and offers performance figures that are best in the said class. So, don’t confuse it with  a full grown sport utility vehicle and take it as a car that sits just below the cars in the SUV segment.

2. Cramped Boot Space

Another defaulting feature present in Ford Ecosport is the presence of a cramped boot space. Now this becomes a concerning point when you are a family person and you often go on long journeys. But the situation completely reserves if you and your companion plans a trip or if you are on a shopping spree as the rear seat is foldable, thus enhancing the boot beyond limit.

3. Rear Seats not that Comforting

This car has another spacing issue and this time around it's with the rear seating arrangement. Both on the legroom, shoulder room, and headroom front, Ecosport gives away an slightly cramped figures that may be an issue with rear passengers. But again, city drives are not that bothersome, it's only when you go out on long journeys and have an above average height this area will bother you.   

rear image of ecosport

4. Steering & Stability 

Ford Ecosport has a soft steering that may create a problem when the car is at high speeds. This means that at higher speeds, steering won't be that responsive as under normal driving conditions. Another issue with Ecosport is that it is soft around the corners, making the driver feel uncomfortable in the scenario of sharp turns. But again its the drivers prospective and his tuning with car and what steering type makes him feels comfortable and confident.  

5. Turbo lag Below 2000 rpm

Confused? Well it just means that the car will not get the required acceleration pick that one expects immediately after acceleration. But this problem ends the moment the needle in the rpm meter crosses the stated 2000 mark. But the 2000 rpm mark hold gets highly unnoticed as the car quickly get over it and offers a seamless ride thereafter.


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