7 Cars That Don’t Pay Tribute To Earth Day

  • Apr 22, 2016

MANILA: Amidst the ongoing Climate Change, it surely looks a little weird talking about the Earth Day when the planet is showing premature signs of falling apart. Several people might think of this day as a new fad (trend) that the media is trying to sell, it certainly is a nice way how environmental awareness can be spread across the globe. It would be an easy task to buy an eco-friendly vehicle to prove your dedication in reducing air pollution but if you’re really concerned about the environment, then driving your vehicle is the last thing you should be thinking about.

Yes, there are vehicles that are as clean as walking or cycling and then there are also a few vehicles that you should avoid driving. We must warn you that many of these models are some of the best automobiles ever produced and are exemplary for their superior performance. Nevertheless, with great engine power, comes tons of emission and smoke that will kill Uncle Ben slowly and surely. Here are some vehicles that you should stay away from if you do not want to be blamed for melting the polar caps.

Bugatti Veyron


CO2 Emissions : 574 g/km

The irony is the fastest car on the planet is of no good use to the Earth despite having a multimillion dollar price tag. The Veyron which can clock the 0-100 kmph in under three seconds and has an EPA estimated rating of 8-15 mpg has been positioned at the top in the list of worst cars for the environment. It has also earned the green score of 19 which is significantly low than the Civic which has a total green score of 54 in its basket. The only good thing coming out of this Bugatti's coupe is its highly expensive price tag which limits the number of Bugattis on the roads.

Ford F-150 Raptor

F-150 Raptor

CO2 emissions: 428 g/km

Don't ever let the Flex fuel of F-150 fool you, this beast pick-up truck is anything but environment-friendly. Even its new 3.5-litre twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 doesn't do anything to curb its high CO2 emission of 1.52 lb/mile. This pickup on steroids is all about cruising through all the terrains and its beastliness.

Chevrolet Suburban


CO2 emissions: 338 g/km

We Filipinos might not be having Chevrolet Suburban soon but this Chevy is indeed doing a lot of harm to the environment and is just placed below the Veyron with the green score of only 20. The suburban is not only condemning the CO2 emissions, but this SUV also does not do any justice to its fuel economy. With just 10 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on highway, it would cost more than $8000 on a fuel in a year making the Prius or any other eco-friendly car more enticing in front of this SUV.

Mercedes-Benz G-550 AMG

G-550 AMG

CO2 Emissions: 397 g/km

When AMG is tagged on a Mercedes-Benz, it is obvious that the drive is the top-of-the-line Mercedes with an extra emphasis on its performance. But, this Merc G-Class top-notch power of 382 hp from powerful 5.5-litre twin-turbo V-12 engine doesn't make it too good for the environment. With an EPA rating of 11 mpg in city and price of PhP 4899352.50, people would be better going after a Tesla roadster without an eco-guilt.

Bentley Continental GTC

Continental GTC

CO2 Emissions: 396 g/km

If you have a Bentley Continental GTC in your garage, then obviously you won't be worried about expense on its fuel. This sports car exudes luxury and opulence and with the 552 hp of power from 6.0-litre engine, it could care less about being the eco-friendly car.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

CO2 Emissions: 369.2225 g/km

This automaker has an environment-winning Prius in its Pandora box and at the same time is very infamous for the fuel-efficient yet not-so eco-friendly SUVs. And yes the Toyota Land Cruiser fall in this category rightly and is known for its durability as well as power while its environment-friendliness rests on a back-seat.

Aston Martin DB9


CO2 Emissions: 389 g/km

Even if the Aston Martin continues to known for ultra-high end sports cars which are powerful and perform well on and off the track, we would have thought twice before buying this as we would have to take on a second job to pay off its fuel expenses. Even then, it has nothing to contribute to the environment.

We bet you might get surprised on seeing few of the cars in the list but whatever the reasons, these drives are definitely fun to drive and a candy to the eyes.

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