Honda HR-V Know its Pros and Cons

  • Jan 07, 2016

MANILA: Honda HR-V can be tagged as Honda's very first SUV crossover that originated in year 2000. Back then, its extreme design language was not well digested by many auto enthusiast and Honda loyal customers around the world. Honda HR-V was way ahead of its time and what other automakers are picking up now was tried and tested by Honda 15 years ago. Thus, Honda HR-V can be attributed as the initiator of the crossover trend in the auto world.

The all-new HR-V is a cross between an SUV ruggedness, a minivan utility, and a coupe-like comfort. The exterior style follows Honda's new design theme that can be seen across its other high-end products, helping it making a strong road presence. Cabin area is elegant and takes you to a whole different world. Coming to safety and performance, the car is way ahead of its competitors and will continue to contribute in Honda's high sales figures. In all the car has made a major transformation from its previous era siblings.

Below we are providing you eight top points that make it a go-go car and way ahead of its competitor

1. High on style quotient

Honda HR-V ranks high on style quotient, combining best of Honda's designing ability and gen-next views. The integrated aesthetics gives the car a two-way advantage, firstly making it aerodynamic friendly and secondly a safety prone vehicle. Also, its exterior design language breaks the crossover designing monotony presently seen in the market, giving it a couple like road presence. In all the exterior suits the urban road conditions and performance needs.

2. Butter-smooth handling

Driving Honda HR-V is a relief and makes you wanna drive it constantly without the need to apply brakes and take rest. So, if driving a full grown SUV gives you a truck like feeling, Honda's all-new HR-V is the answer to all your worries. The car exhibits excellent ride quality and is best during curvy turns.

3. Visibility is not an issue

Only a driving enthusiast can understand the importance of outside car visibility. Honda with its new crossover has taken care of this perspective very well. The drivers get a full view of the bumper and its corners, making the drive collision proof.

4. Safety ranks high here

HR-V safety front is equipped with many high-end features that one can find in best-in-class luxurious cars. Proving that Honda never takes a back seat when safety is the concerned matter. The car includes features like Multi-view reverse camera with dynamic guidelines, 4-rear corner sensors, hill start assist, vehicle stability assist, ABS with EBD, ISOFIX and emergency stop signal.

5. Greener for pocket and environment

Honda HR-V is integrated with Honda’s indigenous Earth Dreams Technology. The said technology when mated with 1.8L engine increases its fuel economy, thus providing greener for the pocket. On the environment front too this technology is great, because of low emission figures.

6. Thumbs-up for Honda HR-V Acceleration and Pick-up

When put under scan with Trax and Juke, Honda HR-V ranks high on the acceleration and Pick-up front. Honda HR-V 1.8L engine drags the car from a nought to 100 kmph in a mere time frame of 10.0 seconds, after reaching the top speed of 201 km/h. As for the Nissan and Chevrolet kid, they take 11.1 seconds and 10.3 seconds respectively.

7. It’s High, It’s Easy

Don’t be confused, we are talking about HR-V ground clearance and turning radius. The car features best-in-class ground clearance of 185 mm, protecting its lower part from bad road conditions and high speed-breakers. Also, HR-V turns easily with its 5.3 m of turning radius.

8. Boot space actually has space

One of the important thing that matter in the long run is a car’s boot space, which is not a matter of concern when buying an HR-V. All thanks to its smart packaging design that has shifted the fuel tank beneath the front seat, allowing it to swallow more baggage than any of its competitors. 

Wow, the car ranks high on pros, making it not at all a bad deal to go for. But it is not possible for a car or for that matter for anyone to be perfect. One always has some flaws that are meant to be known, especially to the consumers. So, here are four of Honda HR-V’s major drawbacks.

1. Its price tag will astonish you

Honda HR-V price tag is not an affordable one and has a base model that is offered at PhP 1,190,000. While cars like Chevrolet Trax and Nissan Juke are offered at PhP 998,888 and PhP 980,000 respectively. At much lower price indeed, thus, making Honda HR-V not much of a perfect choice.

2. It’s normal CVT, not Xtronic

When Continuously Variable Transmission entered the auto world, everybody went haywaya over it, as they proved better than the automatic and manual gearbox. But now we have Xtronic CVT that provides better performance than normal CVT. Nissan Juke, the cheaper option is fitted with the same, giving it an edge over HR-V.

3. Front Seat Comfort Issue

Sitting on the driver seat or front passenger seat is no bills, as the comfort issues persist in the entire Honda lineup. It comes with a projected headrest and ‘way-too’ comforting lumbar support that will bother one during long journeys.

4. Not for knobs/Non-touch lovers

Honda has decided to go full touch with Honda HR-V, so everything from the air-con system, to the audio system, also basic car settings are now touch-centric. Near to zero buttons are present on the dashboard, making it not so popular amongst the conventional knobs lovers.


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