Must have Apps If You Drive in the Philippines

  • May 18, 2016

If you are one of those drivers of the country who regularly maneuvers his/her car through crowded and congested city roads daily to reach your destination then you would definitely know how it feels to press the clutch of your car a number of times before you park your daily commuter in the desired location. It is not easy to carve your way in those traffic stuffed roads while the time you incur for the same is also a factor under the scanner. To make life easy and stress-free, innovators and explorers are playing their part by developing something new with every passing day to simplify our day-to-day life. Technology has given us an array of options for crossing the bars with minimal effort and it isn’t just limited to a particular sector. There are hi-tech applications that take care of making your drive a hassle-free task even with a number of hurdles along the way. Filipinos are not an unknown race when it comes to technology and gadgets. Over half the population of urban Philippines owns a smartphone and are updated as far as new trends, exclusivities are concerned. People here have adopted the change with a smile and are currently using apps for finding nearby petrol stations, restaurants and more. Here at CarBay, we have simplified your options with a handful of app suggestions that’ll make your drive easy.



Waze is a GPS-based navigation application available for iOS and Android users for free. It is a community-based navigation app that provides real-time data about traffic to the app users. You just need to simply enter your desired destination in the app before hitting down your car’s accelerator and you are done. You need to keep it opened while you drive and you’ll receive the real-time traffic updates from nearby drivers, which will guide you through the way keeping you updated about the traffic jams, accidents, police traps. It will also help you in finding the low traffic and economical routes. The app gives you an option of alerting your friends on the go about your exact location and arrival time.



It is a paid app for both iOS and Android users that help users in identifying the potential collisions by taking control of their smartphone's camera. It detects if you are too close to a potential danger and alerts you in time. It also has an inbuilt feature called Blackbox that records your drives, which plays a crucial role in case you met with an accident. It detects the speed of the vehicle while on the go and ensures you follow the traffic rules obediently.

MMDA Traffic Navigator

MMDA navigation app

It is free for iOS and Android users. Developed by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the app provides real-time information about traffic within Manila city to the users. It covers all the major roads of the city and delivers trustworthy data to the users. It also lets the users know that if the traffic is heavy, light or intermediate and allows the users to tweet about their respective traffic reports.

Auto Sweep RFID

Sweep app

Free for Android users, the Auto Sweep is a useful app for the users who travel regularly through Metro Manila Skyway. It allows users to drive through the highway cashless without delaying your travel time for stopping by at the tollbooths. You can monitor the balance on your Sweep card and get it credited accordingly.



Have you faced problems locating gas stations in unknown territories? Of course, you must have gone through such situations when your car’s tank is about to get dry and you can’t find a gas station. What gas is there to help the cause. It is available for both iOS and Android users in both free as well as premium version, which will not only aid you in locating the nearest gas stations but also help in finding the cheapest ones.

Southern Tollways System

skyway app

For the users who travel through Skyway, Star and SLEX Tollways often, this is the app you must load your smartphone with. It works similar to MMDA Traffic Navigator providing you with real-time traffic information and status of the same, i.e. heavy, light or moderate.

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