Pick this pickup: 2023 Ford Ranger owners share what they love about their trucks

Pick this pickup: 2023 Ford Ranger owners share what they love about their trucks

Prized for its numerous new features and enhancements, the next-generation Ford Ranger has been a common sight on local roads, and is loved by an increasing number of owners since it first arrived in the Philippines in July of last year.


  • What qualities of the 2023 Ford Ranger are most liked by its owners?

    Many 2023 Ford Ranger owners favor the pickup truck's style, performance, and efficiency.
  • What are among the highlight safety technologies of the next-generation Ford Ranger?

    The next-generation Ranger packs Evasive Steer Assist and Cross Traffic Alert, among others. With the all-new Ranger, Ford engineers spent
  • These proud owners of the 2023 Ford Ranger include Earl Cuevas, an associate manager in Cebu, and Philip Vino, a website developer and occasional photographer from Pampanga.

    Both owners testify to the improved driving experience provided by the next-generation Ford pickup truck, including its functionality, style, comfort, safety, and in-car technology, all of which fit in well with their daily routines for work, pleasure, and family life.

    2023 Ford Ranger Styling

    The next-generation Ranger's updated appearance and enhanced handling turned out to be a match for Philip's way of life.

    “A pick-up truck is really ideal for my needs. As a young driver, I prefer a pick-up truck that looks good and matches my personality. I’m always in remote locations due to the nature of my job, so I need a vehicle that can keep up with my busy schedule, and I found it in the next-gen Ranger,” said Philip.

    2023 Ford Ranger

    For Earl, he liked the 2023 Ford Ranger’s look inside and out. “The headlamps are too handsome. Inside, the ride comfort is outstanding. It doesn’t feel like a pick-up truck as the ride feels really premium,” he shared.

    2023 Ford Ranger Power and Efficiency

    With a dependable powertrain that strikes a mix between power and efficiency, the 2023 Ford Ranger offers Philip and Earl a driving package that is more than capable.

    “Driving to neighboring towns and provinces like Subic, Bataan, Zambales, or all the way to Metro Manila and Tagaytay is so easy and convenient with the next-gen Ranger,” Philip shared. He also raves about its fuel efficiency — “A single full tank was almost enough for our 14-day stay in Baguio,” he added

    2023 Ford Ranger

    Earl, who frequently drives around Cebu because of the nature of his job, applauded the vehicle’s driving capabilities across different terrains. “I have clients who live far from the city and up in the mountains as well, so it's great to have a truck that is so capable to take me wherever I need to go,” he illustrated.

    2023 Ford Ranger Technology

    Both Earl and Philip adore the technology that comes standard with the new Ranger. According to Philip, the 360-degree camera and Apple Carplay are two of the most practical driver-assist features that make driving both safe and entertaining.

    Both owners can now access their next-generation Ranger trucks remotely with only a tap on their mobile devices thanks to FordPass, which was introduced last year.

    2022 Ford Everest Ranger


    “We are all aware of how hot it can get in our country. With FordPass, I can remotely start my truck and turn on the air conditioner. My passengers are definitely happy and excited to ride the truck,” Philip expressed.

    2023 Ford Ranger Owner Recommendation

    Both Philip and Earl are happy with choosing the next-gen Ford Ranger as their daily driver. “It’s a highly recommended truck if you’re looking for a vehicle that can drive you to your workplace and take you to new places and destinations on weekends. You get the best of both worlds,” Philip explained. 

    2022 Ford Ranger

    Earl also shared why he recommends buyers to pick this pickup truck: “There are plenty of choices in the market right now. It will depend on the buyer's preference, but for me, the next-gen Ranger is one of the best in terms of interior, ride comfort, and exterior design.”

    2023 Ford Ranger Warranty

    A five-year warranty is included with the 2023 Ranger to improve the ownership experience. With the extended warranty, the next-generation Ranger will be covered for up to five years or a total of 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

    2022 Ford Ranger

    2023 Ford Ranger Specifications

    All the vital specs of the most capable Ranger yet are available on this page

    Photos from Ford Philippines and Dylan Afuang

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