Small but not stingy: The 5 key features of the Changan Alsvin

Small but not stingy: The 5 key features of the Changan Alsvin

A car that's light on price but not stingy in what it offers. That's the kind of vehicle most budget-conscious car buyers are after, and today, there's quite a number of vehicles that fit the criteria. 


  • How much is the Changan Alsvin?

    Available in three variants (1.4L MT, 1.5 DCT, 1.5 DCT Platinum), the Alsvin retails from P629,000 to P739,000.
  • What services does Changan Vital 5 include?

    The Vital 5 program ensures that a customer's vehicle is serviced in an hour, guarantees spare parts, and offers 24/7 roadside assistance that includes towing and medical assistance.
  • Enter the Changan's subcompact sedan the Alsvin. With pricing starting at P629,000 and topping out at P739,000, the Alsvin is among the most affordable cars in the market. And better still, the sedan not only meets the small car prerequisites, but could also exceeds what most people expect from a car of its size. 

    So, with that said, let's get into the five key features of the 2022 Alsvin. 

    Fuel-efficient power 

    In a fuel economy run in city and highway traffic, the 2022 Alsvin recorded 9.3kpl and 22.23kpl on both scenarios, respectively. 

    The impressive fuel consumption numbers were provided by the Alsvin's combination of a 1.5-liter mill, which makes 107ps and 145Nm of torque, and five-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT). Changan boasts that the DCT delivers quick shifts, as well as the convenience of an automatic and efficiency of a manual. 

    Changan Alsvin

    The 2022 Alsvin's 1.5-liter mill can also be paired to an idle start/stop system, which shuts off the engine during idling to save fuel. The Alsvin can be powered by a 1.4-liter engine and a five-speed manual. 

    Reassuring safety kit 

    The 2022 Alsvin's safety kit onboard should dispel the misconception that small cars aren't safe.  

    Changan Alsvin

    Across the Alsvin range, two airbags, reversing camera, and tire pressure monitoring are standard. Reserved for the top-trim Alsvin are blind-spot monitoring that gives a view of the car's right side when turning, stability program that prevents the car from skidding, and hill hold control that averts the car from rolling back to the car behind it. 

    Luxurious interior accoutrements

    When you see what luxury items are inside the Alsvin, you'd swear you've seen those goodies in luxury cars back in the day. 

    Changan Alsvin

    We're talking about the car's leather seats and sunroof. Catering to its passengers and driver is a trunk light, and cruise control to help in those long drives. The 2022 Alsvin's seven-inch multimedia display is linked to Bluetooth and USB connectivity. 

    Stylish exterior

    The 2022 Alsvin certainly stands out with its sleek styling. 

    Changan Alsvin

    Front and center is Changan's signature "butterfly wing" grille design, which is flanked by projector halogen lights and daytime running lights. The curves and lines flow to the the sides and rear end of the car. 

    Reassuring after-sales service 

    With Changan Motor Philippines Inc.'s (CMPI) Vital 5 program, the Alsvin driver is ensured that their vehicle is serviced in an hour, is guaranteed spare parts, and is promised 24/7 roadside assistance that includes towing and even medical assistance.

    Vital 5 is also designed to lower the costs of and ease ownership. CMPI said the preventive maintenance service (PMS) for its vehicles can be done at every six months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first — at standardized prices across all Changan dealerships. 

    Changan AlsvinNow, what did we say about what budget-conscious car buyers are looking for? 

    Photos from Changan Motor Philippines, Inc.

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