Top 4 Compact Crossovers In Philippines

  • Jun 02, 2016

Just because sedan sales in the country are high doesn’t mean the Philippine buyers do not love other vehicles. Yes the compact crossover segment might face some really tough competition from the growing market for mid size hatchbacks, but the growing market means there shall be sales for everyone. Sales for compact crossover too have picked up in the recent years, signifying a change in people’s tastes. If you’re unlike the majority of Philippine motorists who like driving a sedan, then the market has plenty of options for you. While it is hard to drive a full sized sport utility vehicle for your day to day commute with occasional leisurely trips, Compact crossover offer a great solution for buyers. But in this chaos of sedans, it is certainly hard for a new buyer to find the best crossover/compact SUV options that the country’s showrooms have to offer. Do not worry as we have compiled a small list of the best compact sized luxury crossovers that are available in the Philippines.


1. Honda BR-V

Based on the same platform as the Honda Brio, Brio Amaze and Honda Mobilio MPV, the BR-V is certainly one of the most highlighted contender in the segment. The vehicle not only offers the most serious and masculine look in the compact crossover segment, but the interior and driving comfort is also marvellous, thanks to the brilliant engineering by Honda. The BR-V underpins a 1.5-litre i-VTEC mill unlike its other cousins based on the Brio platform that churns out 120 hp and is offered with a choice between 6-speed manual or an Earth Dreams Tech CVT. But the best part about the BR-V is its 8-seater variant that is a great option if you have large family or a lot of pets.


2. Nissan Juke

While the Juke is certainly not the most tough looking option out there, its highly attractive design certainly makes it the most futuristic looking option. When we say futuristic, we don’t mean you get to time travel or cruise through inter-space wormholes. It simply means that the vehicle’s design is way ahead of its time and totally looks like something from the future. The Juke is by far the most good looking compact crossover you can find in the market and it drives great too. Powered by a 1.5-litre engine, the Juke has tonnes of juice to provide you with plenty of fun cruising in this vehicle. The driving experience is further enhanced by the X-Tronic CVT transmission, which is certainly one of the best CVT gearboxes available in the market.


3. Chevy Trax

If you feel a little oversaturated by the amount of Japanese brands in the market, then the American Chevrolet Trax can offer all that you need from a compact crossover. The body kid and the roof rails add that rugged SUV aesthetic and the smooth curves help the vehicle blend seamlessly in an urban setting. The Chevrolet Trax also looks much larger than its competitors in the market making it a great choice if you’re not impressed by the BR-V or the Juke’s relatively compact sizes. The Trax is powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine, which certainly makes it the most swift SUV in its class. The 6-speed automatic transmission also works really great at controlling the raw power generated by the turbo powered engine, while keeping the fuel consumption low in heavy traffic.


4. Ford Ecosport

If there’s one vehicle that can upset the sales prospects for Honda BR-V in the market, that is certainly the Ford Ecosport. What the Ecosport lacks in is its seating capacity against the BR-V, it makes it up through its better comfort and drive. Although the Ecosport is placed in the crossover segment, it is basically a smaller sized SUV, that can really tread much better on rugged terrains as compared to its rivals. It comes with a 1.5L TiVCT engine that produces an impressive 109 hp and is offered with a choice between a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift options.

The above vehicles might seem totally miles apart to each owner, but if it’s the first time you’re considering a Crossover vehicle then this list will certainly help you. Lest we forget that 2016 was deemed by the global automotive industry as the year of SUVs. Hence, it would be totally unfair if we didn’t prepare such a list for you readers to enjoy.


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