2019 Mazda 3 arrives in the region

  • Jan 11, 2019

MANILA: Surprise, surprise! We certainly are not habitual of getting our hands on the latest models this quick, are we? It has only been a few months since the global debut of the Mazda 3 and here it is in the South-East Asian region. This is something we never saw coming, did we? Making its global debut at the 2018 Los Angles Auto Show, now the Mazda 3 is grabbing all the attention at the ongoing 2019 Singapore Motorshow.

2019 Mazda 3 Front Angular

Mazda usually showcases its cars in “Soul Red” paint jobs, right? However, the model up for preview at the Singapore Motorshow is defying the norms and is dipped in a pearl effect blue color. While the car previewed is also the sedan version of the Mazda 3, we expect the hatchback model to follow the footprints of the bigger siblings sooner than later. With the preview at Singapore Motorshow, the Philippine arrival should not take too long now.

2019 Mazda 3 Inside

Just like the BMW 3 Series which has been previewed at the 2019 Singapore Motorshow, the Mazda 3 on display is also a US-spec model. Under the hood of the showcased Mazda 3, we see a SkyActiv-G motor instead of a SkyActiv-X engine. While which particular engine is residing inside this car remains a mystery, we have got to know that the power delivery is taken care of by an automatic transmission.

2019 Mazda 3 Rear Angular

The final model to arrive in the South-East Asian regions is expected to come with a lot of tweaks in the car previewed at Singapore Motorshow. Another speculation tells us that Mazda might just have put the car for preview to judge the customer interest. And as we mentioned earlier, the Mazda 3 was grabbing all the attention at the event which should be a good indication for Mazda that the newest 3 should sell like hotcakes in the region.


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