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Denso Corporation & BlackBerry join hands with Subaru

Denso Corporation & BlackBerry join hands with Subaru

MANILA: The all-new Subaru Legacy and Outback models that are slated to come out of the production facilities later this year will feature a brand new integrated cockpit system called "Harmony Core". Developed in conjunction by Denso Corporation & BlackBerry, it is powered by the BlackBerry QNX and will make its debut with the USA bound Subaru Legacy and Outback.

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"Software is the driving force in next-generation automotive design," said John Wall, SVP and General Manager of BlackBerry QNX. "As cars become more data-driven and automated, they demand functional, secure and trusted in-vehicle software. A leader in automotive technology, BlackBerry is excited to bring one of the world's first integrated digital cockpit platforms to market with DENSO in SUBARU's latest vehicles, helping manufacturers to take advantage of a significant industry trend – the exploding demand for a safe, seamless, digital in-car experience", he added.

BlackBerry QNX

The cockpit system can control the various in-vehicle HMI systems thanks to the BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor tech. The developers had already previewed the "Harmony Core" last year at the CES 2018, and what makes it special and better than other cockpit systems is the ability to seamlessly coordinate multiple HMI systems at once with a single microcomputer.

"We are very pleased to launch one of the first integrated HMI platforms in the world with BlackBerry and SUBARU. With the rapid development of technology for self-driving and electric vehicles, the value of cars is about to change significantly. By collaborating with other companies and research institutes, refining the technology and accelerating product and service delivery to help manufacturers deliver next-generation vehicles, DENSO is creating new value for the global Smart Mobility society", cited Atsushi Hayashida, Director, Head of Cockpit Systems Business Unit of DENSO.

With Subaru being the first to adopt the "Harmony Core" in its vehicles, other automobile manufacturers from around the globe are expected to join the fleet soon.

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