Faulty valve springs and MiDs forces Subaru to announce a global recall

Faulty valve springs and MiDs forces Subaru to announce a global recall

MANILA: Subaru has announced a global recall of the vehicles which might possibly have a defective MiD (multi-info display) or faulty valve springs. Vehicles manufactured between January 16, 2012, and May 14, 2013, possibly have faulty valve springs. These can break down under continuous stress. Weird noises might start creeping from the engine or the motor might just seize as well.

Subaru Global Recall

The FA20 or FB20 engines are the victims here, which have been installed in the models like 2013 – 2014 Legacy and Outback, 2013 BRZ, 2012 – 2014 Impreza and XV, and 2012 – 2014 Forester.

The recall is imposed on following countries - Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Subaru will replace the faulty valve springs for free.

Subaru Global Recall

Coming to the defective MiDs, the flawed multi-info displays might show incorrect fuel readings, and the drivable distance left in the vehicles like 2018 Legacy and Outback. The MiD issue is in cars built before August 1, 2018. Just like the valve springs, the defective MiDs will also be replaced without any charge by Subaru.

The MiD issue is also said to be present in vehicles sold in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

For updates regarding the Subaru global recall, stay connected with Zigwheels Philippines.

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