Porsche 'teases' Tribbiani Edition in time for 'Friends' reunion

Porsche 'teases' Tribbiani Edition in time for 'Friends' reunion

MANILA: How YOU doin'? The much-awaited Friends reunion special premiered last night on HBO Max and Porsche decided to join in the hype with a funny — and intriguing — Instagram post.

The post features a Porsche car cover on top of a pile of boxes that vaguely mimics the 911’s shape. The photo is a reference to Season 6 Episode 5 titled “The One with Joey’s Porsche” in which Joey (played by Matt Leblanc) stumbles upon a set of Porsche keys. He decides to ask around to look for the sports car and find out who the owner is. When he realizes that people who presumed that it's his car treat him better, he tricks other people into thinking he owns a Porsche.

Dressed in Porsche apparel from head to toe, Joey stuffed a pile of boxes, which he formed to create an illusion of a 911 silhouette, in a Porsche car cover. He started telling people that he would unveil the sports car, “but he just tucked her in for the night.” His secret was shortly revealed after a bystander catching a football falls into the car cover.

In Season 7 Episode 13, another Porsche made an appearance in the TV show. The father of Monica E. Geller (played by Courteney Cox) was given a 1985 911 Targa.

So is Stuttgart-headquartered sports car maker really serious about making a Joey Porsche? We sure would like to that one, um, unboxed.

Photo from Porsche Instagram page

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