Ford Fiesta Hatchback vs Mitsubishi Mirage Comparison

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User Review Comparison

Ford Fiesta Hatchback
  • F
    Francis Feb 17, 2020 for Ford Fiesta Hatchback

    It has been years I am using a Ford Fiesta and I never felt like I need a change. It has been my go to car for everything, be it Read More

  • D
    Diether Oct 17, 2019 for Ford Fiesta Hatchback

    If you are a passionate car driver you ought to experience a drive in this car. This Ford Fiesta Hatchback is indeed a car that will provide you with pure Read More

  • S
    Sean Dec 21, 2018 for Ford Fiesta Hatchback

    I learnt driving a little late and when I got comfortable behind the wheels I wanted a car which would be compact and easy to handle. The quality and make Read More

Mitsubishi Mirage
  • B
    BEJIE Jan 10, 2020 for Mitsubishi Mirage

    When it comes to great value for the money, Mitsubishi Mirage nails it completely. It is so compact that driving it in the city is a joy, and I love Read More

  • C
    Chris Dec 17, 2019 for Mitsubishi Mirage

    I heard a lot about the growing popularity of Mitsubishi Mirage among car lovers. So finally I felt why not to check it out personally. The upgraded version of the Read More

  • J
    Joshua Dec 14, 2018 for Mitsubishi Mirage

    Last year I got a promotion and a bonus at work which included a discount voucher on Mitsubishi. I rushed to the dealership and was mesmerized by the appealing feel Read More

  • J
    Jake Aug 23, 2018 for Mitsubishi Mirage

    Of all the modern day hatchbacks, the Mitsubishi Mirage makes me feel that I am driving a generation old car despite it being a car of today’s times. The car Read More

  • A
    Arnul Jul 17, 2018 for Mitsubishi Mirage

    If your budget is very limited but you wish to buy a car that will offer you excellent fuel economy, besides not having a very dull exterior, my suggestion is Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Sporty styling

Driving dynamics

Engine performance

Mitsubishi Mirage

Value for money hatchback

Compact dimensions make it perfect for city drive

Decent Interior with advanced equipment

Feature loaded cabin

Slightly bigger than most of its competitors

  • ABS is standard
Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Cramped cabin space

Slightly dated interiors

Mitsubishi Mirage

Lack of headroom in the rear

Manual transmission can be a bit more smooth

Slightly cramped rear row

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