Ford Fiesta Hatchback or Sedan: Which one to buy?

  • Sep 27, 2018

Every now and then, we receive this request to help choose between a sedan or hatchback. Now, a sedan is a typical four box vehicle, with the four boxes consisting of the hood, front as well as back doors and the boot. In the case of the hatchback, it is a three-box design with the boot taken out of the equation. Technically, modern-day hatchbacks have almost the same boot space as their sedan counterparts. Ford is one of the few manufacturers which offer both sedan and hatchback derivatives with the same nameplate. While the Ford Fiesta for that matter is a very competent car. The difference between the Ford Fiesta price for the sedan and hatchback too is minimal. So, let's see which one should you as a customer buy?

1) Design element

Ford Fiesta Sedan

Hey. Didn’t you already read that the design theme for hatchback-derived sedans is usually the same? This happens with the Fiesta hatchback and Fiesta sedan as well. Both look like they are Aston Martin derivatives. This thought though will be prevalent only if you look at them head-on. That bold grille, elongated headlight as well as prominent splitters help enhance the look of the vehicle. The wheels are 15-inch alloys (optional 16 are available) on the hatchback and 16-inchers on the sedan.

Ford Fiesta Hatch

Colour palette for the Ford Fiesta hatchback and sedan are the same. These include Shadow Black, Frozen White, Ingot Silver, Red Candy, Winning Blue, and Mars Red. At the back, the inbuilt spoiler on the hatchback stands out while the sedan gets a typical boot. Overall, the sedan cuts a prominent figure while the hatchback decidedly looks more sporty.

In terms of dimension, the Ford Fiesta hatchback measures 3,982 mm in length, 1,722 mm in width and 1,495 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2,489 mm. In contrast, the sedan measures 4,320 mm in length, 1,764 mm in width and 1,486 mm in height. Its wheelbase is also the same at 2,489 mm.

2) Interior theme

Fiesta Cabin

The cars as expected, also share their upholstery and general layout of the interior. In terms of features, one gets automatic climate control, a day-night mirror, powered OVRMs, SYNC2 music system, cruise control, Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel and more. The sedan also gets rear AC vents. There are also armrests for the driver and rear passengers. The steering wheel is tilt and height adjustable. On the top trims, leather upholstery is offered while the base trims get fabric.

Fiesta Infotainment System

Boot space of the Fiesta hatchback is 290 litres while that of the sedan is larger at 430 litres.   However, the loading lip of the sedan is a little higher making things a tad cumbersome.

3) Safety features

In terms of safety features, there are six airbags being offered. ABS with EBD and child ISOFIX seats too are part of the standard fare. ESP, as well as Hill Launch Assist and rear parking sensors, though are optional. These features are common to both the sedan and hatchback. However, the sedan also brings in a rear parking camera to the equation. Both the cars come with three years or 1,000,00 km warranty.

4) Suspension

Fiesta Sedan Rear

Both the vehicles are underpinned by the same chassis. This means MacPhersons in the front and a twist beam at the back. The steering is an electric unit. In terms of ride quality, the Fiesta twins seem a bit lumpy while the handling is par excellence. Body roll too is minimal while going in to a corner.

5) Engine and transmission

Fiesta Hatchback Rear

Ford offers the Fiesta twins with two engine options. One is the naturally aspirated 1.5-litre petrol that produces 112 PS of power at 6,300 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm. The smaller 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine makes more power. 125 PS of power is produced at 6,000 rpm while peak torque of 170 Nm is made between 1,400 rpm to 5,200 rpm. Did we also mention that this engine is a turbocharged unit. A 5-speed is standard to the 1.5 engine but it also gets the optional 6-speed dual clutch transmission dubbed PowerShift. The latter is the only option for the turbo petrol motor. The fuel tank capacity is 43 litre.

6) Final words

Ford has priced the Fiesta twins very competitively. The Ford Fiesta hatchback price starts from Php 755,000 while the Ford Fiesta sedan price starts from Php 900,000. In the overall comparison, the sedan comes on the top. However, given that it offers marginally more boot space and a rearview camera, the premium over the hatch isn’t justified. Plus given the low demand for the sedan, Ford may just discontinue it in a few days. If you go to a Ford dealership to buy the Fiesta sedan, be sure to haggle for a better bargain. That is if the dealers have any stock left.

Fiesta Hatchback vs Fiesta Sedan Compare

Ford Fiesta Hatchback
₱755,000 - ₱905,000
  • Engine
  • Power
  • Seating
Ford Fiesta Sedan
₱755,000 - ₱905,000
  • Engine
  • Power
  • Seating
Fiesta Hatchback vs Fiesta Sedan

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