Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 vs Honda Brio 2015 - Which one is better?

  • Apr 15, 2016

MANILA: Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 has finally arrived on the Philippine soil and is warmly welcomed. The new arrival has got numerous revisions which make it look much better and appealing than its previous version. With this, the close rivals are also gearing up to fight the battle in the segment and strategize to immune against any effect in sales. The closest we found is Honda Brio 2015 which is still wearing the old year badge and has shown no signs of coming up with an updated version for this year. Honda is a well-known brand not only in the Philippines but worldwide and has a fleet comprising sumptuous features and cutting-edge technology. Would it be difficult for Mitsubishi to take over the market share of Honda Brio with its new arrival or has to satisfy with a mere share?

Let's have a look at what these Mitsubishi and Honda drives hold and find which one can be a better car for the prospective customers -


Mirage vs Brio Dimensions

Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 has arrived with an absolutely new front making a better stance for itself in the segment. Shedding the narrow grille, the new Mirage now wears a broad chrome-plated radiator grille with honeycomb mesh and Mitsubishi insignia in the centre. The newly designed stylish bi-xenon headlamps make this entire front look more appealing and fresh. Chrome is also used at the lower radiator grille for added value towards the aesthetics. It's not just the front which has gone through the revision and the entire structure now has crisp creases which show the sporty element while the rear has an equally stylish tail lights. Though the wheelbase has been kept same as its previous version, but the length, width and height have got some enhancement making it looks bigger and broader. The Honda drive – Brio 2015 is no less when it comes to styling and the thick chrome at the front with sharp headlamps make an impressive first impression in any customer's mind. 2015 Honda Brio has an appealing designing which inspired the Japanese manufacturer to borrow it for its newest BR-V. But when it comes to the dimensions, Mirage has left Brio far behind.


Mirage 2016 vs Brio 2015 Interior

Just like its exterior, 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage has redesigned its cabin also. Some added features and a more toned cabin is now what you would find in the new Mirage. The upgraded cabin carries a better quality upholstery for more comfort and appearance. Also, 2016 Mirage has aspects like start & stop button for the convenience of the passengers. The automatic climate control facility of Mirage ensures appropriate cabin temperature while the new infotainment unit packed at its cabin is very helpful in making your drives entertaining and fun. The newly added features also include cruise control and a unique aspect 'Fast Entry'. Jumping to the 2015 Honda Brio, this drive has a spacious and airy cabin packed with manual air-conditioner, digital fuel level meter, power door locks and engine temperature warning light. A decent 2-DIN audio system with navigation and touchscreen is also provided in this car.


Mirage vs Brio Engine

The new Mitsubishi Mirage has a humble engine in comparison to the 2015 Brio but knocks out decent power. Honda Brio, on the other hand, has the Honda patent i-VTEC engine which is known for its performance and power. The 1.3-litre engine of Honda drive churns out more power and better torque than the Mitsubishi drive making it a clear cut winner in this segment. Though Brio has more power in its store but coming to the fuel efficiency, Mitsubishi leaves it far behind with 21.7 kmpl on combined driveways while Brio can run up to 12.8 kmpl only. So, if you want a drive for daily drives, Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 may help you better without affecting your pocket much in long term.


Mirage vs Brio Safety

Mitsubishi has given advancements to the new Mirage in every segment and how it can leave the safety segment alone. The new Mirage has arrived with enhanced safety for its passengers with its patent RISE structure which is known for absorbing the impact energy. Raising its standards and the safety, new Mirage has now 7 airbags which were just 2 in the previous version. Along with these features are Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Active Stability Control which keep the vehicle in complete control even on slippery terrains and also prevent the wheels from locking while applying brakes on elevated speeds. Competing with Mirage, Honda Brio 2015 has G-CON structure which is again known for absorbing impact energy without letting the passengers affect. Just 2 airbags given in the Honda drive to defend the passengers against any adverse situation. Also, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) is given for the stability and security of this drive while driving it on varied terrains.


Both Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 and 2015 Honda Brio are too close to each other when it comes to aspects, styling, and power. Though, in some aspects, Honda has an upper hand while in others Mitsubishi shows its virtue and impresses the customers. The styling of new Mirage is definitely more impressive than the Brio and also it gets brownie points for added safety and better fuel efficiency. While Brio is good in performance and can be your drive if you want to enjoy more power. Safety of Honda is completely reliable which narrows down the deciding factor to price. Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 comes with a starting price of PhP 553,000 while you have to spend a comparatively hefty amount worth PhP 609,000 to own 2015 Honda Brio.


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