Toyota Wigo or Mitsubishi Mirage: The Better Choice Between the Two

Toyota Wigo or Mitsubishi Mirage: The Better Choice Between the Two

MANILA: Wigo and Mirage are two names that can always be heard in a conversation pertaining to affordable and fuel efficient cars. Both of them have a strong backing for themselves as one hails from the house of Toyota known for its reliability while the other one integrates Mitsubishi's DNA within, recognized for its tech advancements. The buying decision further gets painful knowing the fact that both the cars fall under PhP 600,000 bracket.

Under such circumstances, it's best to compare the cars on-one-one basis. There are six major areas a buyer should look before making a buying decision. And for our viewers convenience, we have compared the two on all six fronts. So here comes, Wigo vs Mirage.



On the measurement front, Toyota Wigo is the clear winners as the car offers greater ground clearance amongst the two. Greater ground clearance in a much important feature over extended length and width


Engine (2)

It's a draw between the two. As the one who prefers economy over power should and will opt for Mirage. On the other hand, for the mileage conscious Toyota Wigo is the better pick.



Both Wigo and Mirage stand shoulder to shoulder on this front of the buying parameter. Sitting inside both will feel the same as there are near to zero differences on this port.



This time, the crown belongs to Mitsubishi, though it misses the Bluetooth feature but it carries the more important and useful navigation option.


Safety (2)

Wigo is the winner on the safety front, though the car misses Brake Override System but offers the more important ABS safety feature.



It's a tough call that can be simplified on the basis of price and power. On the price front, Toyota Wigo wines the battle but fails to offer optimum power for a powerful ride. On the other hand, Mitsubishi is a bit expensive when compared to Wigo but is a better partner over Mirage for the speed lovers.

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Toyota Wigo vs Mitsubishi Mirage Comparison

Toyota Wigo
  • ₱568,000 - ₱700,000
Mitsubishi Mirage
  • ₱711,000 - ₱765,000
Wigo vs Mirage

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