Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150

Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150

So, this is pretty out there as far as comparisons go but bear with us. While you may say that this is beyond comparing apples with oranges - or apples with a hamburger for that matter- there is nothing stopping us from doing it. And undeniably this comparison will help someone trying to decide between a motorcycle and a scooter. So without any further delay, here is the lowdown of these two very different models.

Very little seems to be common between the Honda Click 150i and the Yamaha TFX 150 apart from two wheels and the 150cc displacement of their engines. They are both, however, the top picks in their segments and for good reason.


Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150 design

The Honda Click 150i has been a familiar presence on the roads of the Philippines. Its aggressively angular design, dual keen LED headlights and matt finish with dynamic styling takes no prisoners. It is distinctive enough to catch eyes in the sea of scooters that is the Philippines. The Yamaha TFX 150 is on another level entirely. The compact front heavy stance, combined with the supermoto like riding stance of the rider gives it the presence that is unmatchable on road. Its rakish panels, compact LED headlight, taillight and bold colors give it an 'in your face' appeal like none other.

Engine and performance

Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150 engine

The Honda Click has a 150cc liquid cooled fuel injected engine producing a maximum power output of 12.5 hp at 8500 rpm and peak torque of 12.8 Nm at 5000 rpm. This power is enough for carrying the rider and a passenger with ease. The scooter feels nimble and is never short on power. The prospective buyers for this, however, would be more interested in the mileage. And at 52 kmpl, they cannot be not satisfied. This is thanks to the fuel injection system and the idling stop-start system that switches off the engine after a set amount of time spent idle on stops. The engine is also water cooled meaning that riders don’t need to worry about overheating their scooters on long traffic stops. Handling is suited to city driving with the telescopic front forks absorbing bumps and potholes effortlessly.

The engine in the TFX150 is from the R15. The 150cc fuel injected engine produces maximum power of 16 hp at 8500 rpm and peak torque of 14.3 Nm at 7500 rpm. Like the R15, this too is similarly water cooled. It uses a wet multi-plate clutch and a 6-speed constant mesh transmission. The gear ratios are 2.833, 1.875, 1.364, 1.143, 0.957, 0.840, giving it some spirited performance at the drop of a hat. Or the clutch as the case may be. A dry weight of 135 kg also helps in the cause. The Deltabox frame from the R15 and the 37mm USD forks combined with monocross suspension in the rear give the rider the confidence to push the bike through corners. There are also super wide tires on the front (110 / 70-17M / C 54S) and the rear (130 / 70-17M / C 62S) that work wonderfully in improving the handling. Most of all though, the character of any bike is determined by the rider’s stance. The rider sits on this bike straight upright. The handlebars are high and wide. This translates into a relaxed riding position. Think of it as the opposite of the R15’s lean over the tank riding posture. The TFX’s riding posture allows easy maneuvering in slow speeds and comfortable cruising. This will definitely add a touch of zing to long commutes and weekend rides.

Safety and miscellaneous

Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150

The Honda Click 150i uses disc brakes in the front and a mechanical trailing link in the rear. It also uses Honda’s highly effective combi braking system that deploys both the brakes even when only the left lever is compressed. This also distributes the braking evenly on both ends making for a smoother braking.

The Yamaha has single hydraulic brakes on both ends performing braking duties. While an ABS unit is not being missed they would have been a welcome addition. Especially when it is now making appearances even on underbones.

In terms of features, the Honda has some extremely practical ones like an 18 litre under seat storage area that can store a full face helmet in it. Access to the under seat storage is now through a powered button that shares space with the magnetically lockable key shutter. The Click 150i also comes with an Answer back system that makes it easier to locate in crowded parking lots.

The TFX comes with a fully digital inverted LCD speedometer with an adjustable backlight. The engine cowl, inspired by 'Transofrmers', help to direct air into the engine and rocks away from it.

For their prices at Php 91900 for the Honda and Php 139000 for the Yamaha, both of these two wheelers are well suited for their intended buyers. It all depends on what the rider wants from their rides.          

Honda Click 150i vs Yamaha TFX 150 Comparison

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