Honda RS 125: Top 4 highlights

Honda RS 125: Top 4 highlights

Step-throughs. While they may be going extinct in other parts of the world just like the dinosaurs, here in East Asia, they seem to just flourish. Motorcycle makers are ready with new iterations of their step throughs even before one can finish saying the word. Honda recently introduced a few of its all-new underbone motorcycles. One such underbone motorcycle is the Honda RS 125. It literally has brought in some much-needed excitement in this otherwise staid space. The price of the Honda RS 125 is Php 70,900. Here are the top four things you need to know about this underbone motorcycle.

Euro 3 compliant

Honda RS 125 features

This was one of the first underbone motorcycles to be launched way before the September 2017 deadline. The engine is a fuel injected 125cc unit that is good for 10.19 PS of power and 9.59 Nm of torque. Power has increased by 6.7 per cent than before and the claimed efficiency of 61 kmpl is three per cent better than before. A semi-manual with four gears handles the transmission. Semi-manual means using a rotary clutch with no real clutch lever to operate. The 0-60 kmph speed is done in 10 sec while the top speed is 95 kmph.


Honda RS 125 design

One look and you know that this Honda is not only a utility vehicle but does it with elan. The meter panel itself is stylish enough and gives all the information at a single glance. It also displays the Fi malfunction light that helps owner do the timely maintenance bit. The stripes on the motorcycle also look cool and blend well with the overall design theme. There is a new muffler on offer with a heat guard as well so that the pillion seat passenger will not burn his/her footwear should he accidentally step on it. There is also a separate sporty pillion foot peg. Speaking of which, the seat itself is well cushioned and will give utmost comfort to both the rider as well as the pillion. The tail light, while not being an LED, is also quite bright and stylish.


Honda RS 125 utility features

The under seat storage, as is the case with all step throughs, isn’t great but is ample enough to carry a small handbag and some plastic ones too. For the hardcore vegetable vendor, the pillion seat also has an attached bungee point and he/she can strap their vegetables around.


Honda RS 125 safety

Honda has given spoke wheels and a front disc brake to the RS 125. The rear is a drum brake and together these two provide good stopping power for the Honda. The bright headlamps, as well as the luring bodywork, make sure that the motorcycle is visible to others in the night.

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