Honda RS125 Fi - Key features

Honda RS125 Fi - Key features

The Honda RS125 Fi is the perfect blend of the versatility and sensibilities of a commuter underbone and the sportiness and thrill of a motorcycle. The bike was refreshed in 2017 following new emission norm requirements. This also brought along new changes to the styling. Here are the best features that this Php 70,900 bike comes equipped with.

Honda RS125 Fi

The new engine

The RS125 Fi is now powered by a Euro 3 compliant engine. Euro 3 compliance was achieved by equipping the bike with programmable fuel injection. The engine is also equipped with sensors that measure minute changes to the engine parameters and adjust the fuel air mixture accordingly. Sensors measure throttle position, engine oil temperature, crank shaft position and intake air temperature and pressure. This is then factored in to find the best possible fuel air mixture. In this current setting the fuel injection is set up to provide the best balance between high fuel efficiency and power. Sensors also stay on the lookout for possible abnormalities in the system to optimize maintenance. Riders are then informed of the engine malfunctions through the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. With this engine, it saves 6.7-percent more fuel than the carburetor equipped predecessor. That mileage is claimed to be 61 km/L by the company. The bike uses a 4 speed transmission to send that power to the rear wheels. The 125 cc engine otherwise produces an ample amount of power rated at 7.09 kW and 9.59 Nm of torque.

The new styling

Honda RS125 Fi side

The RS125 Fi is essentially a commuter underbone but that does not mean that it needs to look boring. The RS125 Fi was always meant to be a fun and sporty ride and the styling falls right in step with it. The bike is now covered with sporty panels with vents that won’t look out of place on a sports bike. The new graphics package adds a stylish edge to the 4 colors on offer. The silencer also gets some sporty treatment with a new chrome heat shield. Even the pillion seat gets a new and sporty footrest. Then there is the new front fender that is now even more stylish while also being sturdy and durable. The taillight also gets a new and attractive redesign with large integrated indicators. The indicators are also placed very closely to the headlight on the front and this reduces the risk of them getting damaged in a fall.

Practicality and comfort

Honda RS125 Fi features

Being an affordable commuter underbone, the RS125 Fi also needs to have practicality on a high priority. The bike has a new comfortable seat cushion that keeps the rider comfortable even on long rides. Under the seat is a deep underseat storage space that can be used for storing essential cargo. The instrument panel is made stylish and easier to read. It also comes with a gear position indicator. The seat height of 767 mm is also within the reach of most people of average height. The seat is flat which means that the rider has enough space to move around and adjust for the most comfortable riding position. The high handlebars give it an upright seating posture and also make it easy to maneuver at slow speeds. The bike has a dry weight of just 101 kg making it very easy to maneuver in tight traffic. And when you need to stop there is a disc brake in the front that ensures that you always stop on a dime. Honda has provided the bike with both electric and a kick starter for when the battery runs out.

Honda RS125 Fi styling

With all these features and benefits, the Honda RS125 Fi will set you back by just Php 70900. There are other options on the market like the Kawasaki Fury 125 which might sell for a lot cheaper. But with Honda you also get the bulletproof reliability and exceptional build quality that is worth its weight in gold. So in conclusion, with the RS125 Fi you get a bike that is reliable, stylish, practical and fuel efficient. It will serve you without fault for many years and will fetch you a good price when you want to get rid of it. You simply cannot go wrong with this.

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