Honda XRM125: What makes it an interesting bike?

Honda XRM125: What makes it an interesting bike?

People are extremely stingy with their praise especially when it comes to motorcycles. Unless it’s Italian with a hundred horsepower and a million dollar price tag, it will hardly get a mention in any publication. Our usual everyday rides are given second-rate treatment simply because they are cheap and do their job well.

XRM 125 Front

In reality, we depend on these same unsung heroes for nearly every task in our modern lives. Nothing makes a case for these overlooked champions of the common men like the humble Honda XRM125.

Honda XRM Rear

The underbone style of bikes is tailor-made for the conditions of the Philippines. The larger wheels absorb the bumps when our roads start to betray us. The scooter like dimensions and flickability, come handy when weaving through traffic. When Honda launched the XRM in the Philippines in 2001, they were aiming to take over the entire underbone market. And sure enough, they succeeded in every sense of the word.

XRM125 Front

2007 saw the launch of the 125cc version. By then the underbone market was flooded. Honda, however, faced no problems whatsoever in making it one of the bestselling bikes in the country. There are a few reasons behind this.

  1. The XRM is very easy to ride. It has a relaxed riding position due to its high and wide handlebars and low seat height. This allows easy maneuverability on city roads and comfortable seating on highways. The ground clearance is high meaning it has no trouble on bad quality roads and even where there are no roads at all. The tires are knobby and give good grip on any kind of surface, be it sand or even gravel. The suspension has a lot of travel and is geared towards providing comfort. Power from the engine is sufficient to launch out of traffic stops and also to execute overtakes. There are disc brakes on both the wheels meaning that you can brake with confidence.

  2. Practicality is a high priority for any bike meant to be a workhorse. The XRM 125 has it covered here as well. The bike’s stylish panels are made to last. It comes with a high mudguard, removable rear fender and handle grip covers to truly take advantage of its dual sport nature. There is also a spacious under-seat storage area that can store personal items like rain covers. The CRF inspired headlights and taillights not only look great but also perform very well to illuminate the road at night. Even if you can’t hang anything on it, it is very easy to attach a bracket or a box to store more things.
  3. The best part about the bike, however, is undoubtedly its reliability and affordability. This bike is not just built to go anywhere but also built to last. It is a Honda product and has characteristic reliability to boast of. Even if it does break down, parts are easy to find and replace, thanks to the ubiquity of the motorcycle. No wonder many people end up modifying their bikes in some bizarre and extreme ways. It gives decent to great fuel mileage in the 38-45 kmpl range depending on your driving style. It will probably get a good resale value too. Lastly, it is one of the cheapest underbones in the market at the price range of Php 66500 to Php 71800 across the three variants. This means that it is a very affordable choice for most pinoys. With so many financing options, an enterprising student can buy their own XRM no problem.

XRM Features

The XRM 125 is a great choice for anyone. Be it a new rider, a businessman, a budget conscious commuter or a nature lover. This unsung hero is truly the stuff of legends.   


Abhishek Katariya

Abhishek Katariya

From collecting Hotwheels to actually creating a list of cars driven, Abhishek has been a fanboy of cars since childhood. As much as he enjoys being behind the wheel, he also loves munching miles on big tourer bikes. 

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