5 Reasons Why BR-V Should Be Your First Crossover

  • Apr 20, 2016

The SUV/Crossover fad has been one of the most talked about trend this year as almost every automotive manufacturer in the world have revealed their newest models for this trending segment. While premium brands such as Land Rover, Jeep and Mercedes will always receive more media attention, we know that the trend is not yet that effective in the Philippines as a majority of buyers prefer to buy sedan styled cars. Hence, it is clear that people need to find more affordable crossover vehicles to kickstart the trend that has taken the world by storm. Honda’s latest BRV is not only one of their most awaited entries in the Philippine market but is also a great crossover vehicle if you want to own one.

BR-V body

1. Brand New Body Structure

Despite it being categorised as a compact crossover, the Honda BR-V is what the manufacturers like to call a Crossover utility vehicle. It is a perfect blend of a luxury SUV and a mid-size hatchback that not only looks formidable on the roads, but is quite easy to maneuver in heavy traffic due to its compact size and great handling. The BR-V offers all the comfort as in an executive sedan, while maintaining the ruggedness and off-roading capabilities of a full-blown SUV.

BR-V Seats

2. Seven-Seater Option

Although it is still not clear as to what all variants will be present in the BR-V 2016, but the 7-seater option will certainly make its way in Filipino central as hinted by the manufacturers. The new BR-V outclasses any executive sedan in terms of interior space and comfort and is available in a 5-seater and 7-seater models. The 7-seater is highly likely to see a lot of demand and popularity among larger families. Being much larger than your average sedan, the BR-V can fit in loads of luggage that makes it highly suitable for long trips with the family.

BR-V Design

3. Best In Class Looks

When we say best in class, it means that the BR-V is one of a kind model that is only threatened by the presence of Ford Ecosport in the Philippines. Even though the Ecosport is also a great looking vehicle, the 2016 BR-V is sure to grab more attention with its robust looks. The fresh new face along with the aerodynamic design looks extremely sporty, yet maintains the elegance of a luxury vehicle. Although the overall design has been kept simple by the designers, it still looks pretty futuristic as compared to the Ecosport.


4. CVT Improves Fuel Economy

“Fuel Economy and Sports Utility Vehicles do not mix”. If you’re too one of those who believe in such primitive dogmas, then the all-new BR-V is going to change that. Supplied with a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, the vehicle features a smart fuel-injection system that ensures optimal consumption of fuel. But the feature that makes the difference is the inclusion of a Continuously Variable Transmission. The specialized automated gearbox sure kicks the comfort quotient up a few notches, but that is nothing compared to the lowered fuel consumption in slow moving traffic. It is a proven fact that continuous use of the clutch in heavy traffic takes a heavy toll on the fuel tank, a problem easily solved with the use of an automatic gearbox.

BR-V Price

5. Affordable Price

The manufacturers still haven’t said anything about the BR-V’s price for the Philippines as of now. Nevertheless, several automotive experts have estimated the price to around PhP 800,000. A crossover vehicle priced well below the 1 million mark surely seems like a great deal to any Philippine buyer who’s looking for a larger sized vehicle. The B-segment’s affordable price has a lot to do with its demand in the market and Honda Philippines has definitely put a lot of thinking when determining the price tag for the BR-V in the country.

While you certainly do not want to associate the moniker ‘Poor man’s SUV’ with the Honda BR-V, we cannot help but think of it as a perfect choice if you’re looking for your first crossover vehicle.


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