Five Car Logos & Their Wired cum Confusing Stories

  • Apr 12, 2016

MANILA: Car logos are something that we all recognize and see in our day to day life. Their main job is to help distinct one car from another and undoubtedly they all are doing a good job out there. Were some logos are simple and easy to understand, others are a bit complicated and carry long history behind them.

We searched around a bit and selected five car brands that we think to have a complicated cum confusing story behind their logo. To the list are included on Japanese, one British, two Italian and one German automaker.


subaru logo

Those ninja stars like silver art pieces on the blue background actually represent six stars that are a part of Taurus constellation. They are named Pleiades star cluster in the books of science and are easily recognizable in the sky. Leave science behind, time for some astrology, that too Greek astrology. Now according to Greeks, Pleiades seven star cluster are actually daughters of Greek mythological figure Atlas and Pleione. The logo only shows six, as one of the stars is not visible to the naked eyes (maybe one of the daughter is too shy to be seen).

Aston Martin

-Aston-Martin logo meaning

Off all, it’s the Aston Martin logo that's least confusing but at the same time is extremely symbolistic. With each of its components, from its wings to font style and color usage representing something deep and meaningful. Starting with the most recognizable wing in the world, Aston Martin adopted the design in 1927. And since then they are the only constant component of Aston Martin logo, with few tweaks here and there. They are a traditional symbol for words like speed, dream, freedom and exploring boundaries. The current logo uses three colors in total - black, green and white, all representing qualities like uniqueness, excellence, prestige and elegance. Here's the weird part, even the logo font has a story, it is a humanist sans-serif font created by a German typeface.


Ferrari logo meaning


Ferrari logo story is not exactly weird or complicated but can be placed in the emotional section. It's a story of a mother who asked Enzo Ferrari to use the horse that once featured on his deceased son fighter plane during WWI. She said doing this will bring loads of luck to the brand. And guess what, the same happened and Ferrari became one the biggest auto brand worldwide. So, Enzo took 'prancing horse' symbol from Count Francesco Baracca plane and placed it on a yellow background with letters S F-expressing 'Scuderia Ferrari' underneath.


Lamborghini logo promo


Lamborghini logo is highly inspired by its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini personal life and his interests. As per legends, Ferruccio once went to Seville farm located in Spain, owned by Eduardo Miura. The place was famous for bull breeding, used in brutal bull fights. He was so impressed by the majestic Miura bulls that he had then and there decided to adopt it as its brand's logo. Also, Ferruccio's zodiac symbol was Taurus or the bull, so it can be considered as a coincidence that both his brand logo and zodiac sign matched.


Audi logo meaning


Audi's four ring design is one of the most known logos in the world. But many few in the world are aware of the story behind it. The story starts with a time when Germany had four independent car makers by the main Horch, DKW, Wanderer, and Audi. One fine day after loads of discussion they decided to come together and operate as one union. Thus, each ring in the Audi logo represents each one of the participating company that became the foundation pillar of AUDI AG .


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