Know What we Liked & Hated the Most About Isuzu Crosswind?

  • May 17, 2016

MANILA:Isuzu Philippines is one of the top five auto manufacturers present in the country. As per the latest report from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Isuzu acquired 8.45% of the market in the first quarter of 2016, with major competition coming from the brands like Toyota (41.52%), Mitsubishi (18.63%) and Ford (10.59%). Under such a scenario, when a company is so close to its goal of achieving the number one spot, it works constantly on improving its customer base, products and market standing. And as can be expected and seen in the past, Isuzu has left no stone unturned in order to get closer to its goal.

The big question here is, What are Isuzu's trump cards that will help it fight all the odds and will carry it to the top position? Well, it's a known fact that every brand has few cars that are most liked by the consumers and similar is the situation with Isuzu. To the short list of its strongest players are included -

1. Isuzu D-MAX
2. Isuzu mu-X
3. Isuzu Crosswind

A lot has been said and written about the first two cars, it's the Crosswind that maintains a low key and so, we decided to do a fully dedicated article on the same. But, don't confuse it to be an all flowery documentation on Crosswind, instead, here you'll find what impressed and what all disappointed us the most about this AUV.


To start with, first, let's get to know some interesting facts about Crosswind -

1. Isuzu Crosswind is one of the oldest running AUV in the Philippines market. The car has been serving the Filipinos since 15 years now, with its charm still intact.

2. Isuzu Crosswind is claimed to be the cheapest AT fitted MPV in the Philippines market.

3. Newly appointed President, Rodrigo Duterte recently suggested the use of Crosswind along with other cars by government officials.

4. Isuzu Philippines Corporation sold 2,437 units last march, of which 395 units were contributed by Crosswind.

5. Crosswind was recently updated for the Philippines market, we now have a 2015 version running down on our roads.

Now, finally coming to the point, we’ll start discussing the PROS and CONS of Crosswind.


1. Crosswind is synonymous to rugged, masculine and hulk

One of the major plus point of Isuzu Crosswind is its rugged appearance. So, if you like or want to have a strong/masculine car standing outside your home then this is the right choice for you. Its exterior is now improved and get amenities like multi-reflector halogen lamp, all-weather type fog lamps, new one-piece six-hole design grille in silver and black paint (according to the variant), spare back door mounted tire, aluminium black side step board, shark fin antenna, roof rails and rear spoiler.

2. Fuel Economy is GOOD -


When we write something in capital, it's all because we want you to understand the intensity of the matter. So, here when we write GOOD fuel economy, we really mean it. Isuzu Crosswind is one of the most fuel efficient AUV currently present in the country. Moreover, we all know that mileage forms one of the major selling points of a car. To elaborate the matter further, at a recent road test conducted in Manila, Crosswind's 2.5L Direct Diesel Injection Turbocharged engine gave away a stunning mileage of 17.42 km per litre.

3. High Resale value, for sure -

Now for brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford having high resale value advantage is no big thing, as people from all generation show trust in these brands. When it comes to Isuzu Crosswind, the situation remains same. So, once you have brought a Crosswind, you can sit back and relax, as over the time, though the car will witness depreciation, but it will still give you more resale value than another car present in this segment.

4. Durable and easy to maintain

Now this point is common among all Isuzu cars. Each and every car with the Isuzu badge is easy to maintain and take care of, and this we can say by the consumer experience acquired over the period of time. But the question is, what makes Isuzu's maintenance so easy? Well, all thanks to its wide service network and affordable genuine parts.

5. Family or Business, this car is good for all


Yes, Isuzu Crosswind is one of the most versatile AUV we have ever come across. The car is good for week-long commercial purpose, wherein you can load the vehicle with bulk of items without affecting its performance level. And over the weekend, there is no better companion than Crosswind to go on a picnic or small family trip.


1. Noisy engine


This claim has been raised every now and then against Isuzu Crosswind. The car though is fitted with an efficient, fuel saving mill, which at the same time is capable enough to give you a headache. This brings us to the conclusion that this car misses basic yet very important NVH functionality.

2. Storage is a matter of concern

Isuzu Crosswind is equipped with a roof rail that can take a maximum load of 30 kgs. Not bad, we know, but the problem is that the car misses any sort of cabin storage area. Even the basic storage area is difficult to find, like the front doesn't have cup holders, it's only the second seat where one can find cupholders. Also, if the car is completely packed, the car doesn't offer any boot space leaving the passengers with no other option than to put their luggage on the roof.

3. Safety is the area where it lacks the most


Like storage, safety front too has very less to offer. If for once, one compromises with the storage but compromising on safety is just out of question. Going through its brochure, we found out that the car misses basic safety gears like airbags, ABS, ISOFIX, Hill-Start Assist and more. To its minute list of safety features are included equipment like Child Proof Door Lock, Side Door Impact Beam, Reverse Camera, Reverse Sensing System, and Vehicle Alarm System.

4. Weak on the comfort and entertainment front

Two most important things that one look for in a car is the level of comfort and convenience offered by the car. And both these things are missing in Isuzu Crosswind. On the entertainment front, the car is equipped with basic Single-in dash CD/WMA/MP3 system.

That's all we have to say on Isuzu Crosswind front, thus leaving the decision on you. Wherein either you can overlook its cons and still go for the car or look up for better options present in the market.


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