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Sedan or hatchback? The Mitsubishi Mirage wins either way

Sedan or hatchback? The Mitsubishi Mirage wins either way
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It’s a buyer’s market out there, what with the glut of automotive brands from Europe, America, and Asia continuing their foray into our promising market that was waylaid (hopefully temporarily) by COVID-19. That also means that Filipinos are now, more than ever, definitely spoiled for choice. This also results in good news in that prices are kept down and the quality up. But now the onus is on vehicle browsers to more judiciously pick the vehicle that suits them and their budget. Of course, we know that not all brands are created equal.

Mitsubishi Mirage g4

For first-time car owners to-be, the process of selecting the right vehicle can get downright bewildering. The entry point is chockful of contenders and options. Where does one begin? Well, for starters, it’s always a good idea to go with brands that have a track record for quality at whatever price point. Take Mitsubishi, for instance. The Japanese carmaker has established itself not only in the global scene but, perhaps more significantly, in the Philippines. As a proud participant in the government’s Comprehensive Auto Resurgence Strategy (CARS), Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) helps to spur economic growth via its manufacturing activities – giving opportunities in terms of employment (some 1,000 people work at the Sta. Rosa, Laguna plant) and welcome business for local suppliers.

Specifically, Mitsubishi locally assembles, among others models, the Mirage subcompact – a tried-and-tested, iconic marque that delivers bang for the buck. Expressed in hatchback and sedan (G4) forms, the Mirage excels in providing value and quality that ticks the right boxes while giving something extra to be proud and confident about. Whether you choose the highly maneuverable and easy-to-park hatchback or opt for the sedan, the Mirage is the right car to drive home in.

We take a closer look at the what both models share and jointly offer to discriminating buyers looking for their first set of wheels.

A thrifty, adequate engine

Mitsubishi Mirage HB

The two Mirage models share a common heart that beats under the hood. The 3A92 is a 1.2-liter in-line three-cylinder that boasts Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control (MIVEC) technology – adjusting the timing of the intake camshafts for “optimal performance across” its RPM range. This engine simultaneously offers high power and better fuel efficiency (up to 23 kilometers per liter), leading to a more environment-friendly ride with less emissions.

Surprisingly roomy

Mitsubishi Mirage HB

The Mirage may look deceptively small on the outside. But Mitsubishi engineers and designers focused on ergonomics to give it ample headroom and legroom that may just surprise you and your four passengers. The Mirage G4 specifically boasts a 1,725mm legroom in the second row.

Safety first

Mitsubishi Mirage HB

The Mirage gets a Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body, which features crumple zones that effectively absorb and dissipates crash energy away from the vehicle’s occupants. Furthermore, dual SRS airbags provide additional protection for the driver and front passengers in case of a frontal collision. Just how safe is the Mirage? Well, the vehicle model won the ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) Grand Prix Award for Adult Occupancy Protection – underscoring the level of protection it affords.

Surprising features in the segment

Mitsubishi Mirage HB

Depending on the variant, the Mirage offers keyless operation, an impressive touchscreen multimedia entertainment system, and other conveniences such as steering wheel-mounted controls. These are usually reserved for vehicles with more expensive price tags, but the Mirage is ready to elevate the ownership experience even at this price point.

Quality that inspires confidence

What’s the best assurance of quality? It’s that a brand is willing to back up a vehicle with a solid, long warranty. That’s exactly the case in the Mirage as MMPC gets behind the proudly Pinoy-made ride with a three-year/100,000-km warranty (whichever comes first). That’s worry-free ownership and unrivaled confidence.



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Photos from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation