Things We Liked Most About Toyota Avanza

  • Aug 08, 2016

MANILA: Toyota is one such name in the auto industry that needs no introduction. Be it the matter of quality, reliability or service, it seems no one knows all this better than Toyota. Whether it’s a small hatch (Wigo), high-end sedan (Vios) or rugged SUV (Fortuner), Toyota has a high performing players in each segment. And one name that for years has remained a hot favorite not only in the Philippines but in global market as well is the highest selling MPV of all times Toyota Innova.

In the midst of all these high-performers, there is a budding gem that like the rest, holds a great potential to add many more feathers to Toyota's cap. We are talking about none other than the MPV segment resident Toyota Avanza. Increasing its ability further is its 2015 revamped version that from the very day of its debut created a hype in the affordable MPV segment. We have already covered an article comparing Avanza with its competitors Mobilio and Ertiga and now here is a list of its standout features.

1. Under Hood Options


Unlike its competitors and many other cars present in the market Toyota Avanza is offered in two engine options. Thus, giving consumers the flexibility to pick the mill according to their power preferences and need. So, one gets to pay for the mill s/he really is in need for, like if you are looking for a city drive car with nominal power then go for the more affordable 1.3-litre engine, else Toyota is also offering a 1.5-litre option that though is a bit expensive but will rightfully cater to one's power needs.

2. Automatic is Available

Times are changing and so are people requirements, especially on the auto front. One such widely noticed transformation is the transmission choice that in recent times has seen an increased demand for automatic option. Drivers find this better over the manual on the mileage ( on the highway) and traffic driving front (as it eases driver from the tedious gear changing job). Toyota has made Avanza available in four-speed automatic transmission option with both 1.5-and 1.3-litre engine. However, for the ones who like to keep control in their hand the option of manual transmission is always on-board.

3. Seating Configuration as per Requirement

Here's another advantage, if you have four to five persons in your family and are looking to have a car from MPV section that delivers advantages of the said segment but without those two seats that eat up the boot space, then there is no better choice over Toyota Avanza, as the car is available in two seating configurations five and seven. So, by Toyota Avanza on your side you get to choose the model that best suits your family size.

4. Safety Mainly Remains Standard Across All Models


One of the nicest things that we have observed about Toyota cars is their undisputed safety availability, irrespective of the model ranking. Toyota always makes sure that the car is geared up with some basic if not all the safety equipment. From base to top model, Toyota Avanza comes fitted with Global Outstanding Assessment Body, SRS Airbags, Seatbelts (all three rows), and Child Lock Protection.

5. Price that won't Hurt your Pocket Much

Toyota Avanza is one of the best available MPV under PhP 1,000,000, with its highest model fitted with 1.5-litre mill costing PhP 924,000 and one with 1.3-litre engine costing PhP 805,000. In addition, if you go for the five-seater 1.3 J MT trim it would just cost PhP 675,000, a price which is better to pay over some of the available hatchbacks in the market.


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