Toyota 86 – What Makes This Car So Desirable?

  • May 16, 2016

MANILA: Toyota, the undisputed automotive leader, has a fleet which can make any other automaker jealous and insecure. When we talk about style and power, Toyota 86 is one drive which flashes on the minds without any delay. This sports car was developed by Toyota and Subaru and manufactured by Subaru, incorporating the best of the technologies available with the brand. What all makes this drive a dream vehicle for many? Well, there are so many features which this beauty has within and can only be experienced when explored. Here we are providing you with those aspects which make this drive desirable even when not compared on detailed techs and mechs.

Brand Value

Brand Value

Well, surely Toyota enjoys the leading position in the automobile world without any contender in the close circuit. Though the demand is highest in the SUV and sedan segments but that doesn't mean that its power-performance cars are not sold. The trust and confidence this company has built over the years have gained it some loyal customers across the globe who look out for any news from the Japanese giant. While purchasing a performance-centric sports car, any customer would look for the brand value and this is where Toyota takes the first preference in any prospective customer's checklist.

The Beast Within

Toyota 86 Engine

Well, we would take it as a positive point in 2016 Toyota 86. The sports car is not a hybrid and carries a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine which is designed and developed keeping the interest of its buyers in mind. This horizontally opposed Boxer engine delivers a maximum power counting to 200 PS at 7000 rpm along with a maximum torque showing 205 Nm between 6400 and 6600 rpm. The figures sound good enough to give you goosebumps while accelerating this drive on the highways. By the way, this car can accelerate from naught to 100 kmph in 7.6 seconds. Well, with this performance, what else you need!

Style blended with Luxury

Toyota 86 Cabin


Toyota 86 is a dream car for many and let us tell you the reason or probably one close look at this car and you don't need a reason anymore. The curvy beauty performs like a beast on tracks and talks about the unmatched style, it beats most of its contemporaries with a big margin. The coupe-like layout of this sports car is one of the many factors which appeal to the adventure loving people. Slip inside and you will find its cabin as enticing and ravishing as its exterior. Loaded with aspects, this car offers the best of luxury you can get in this price bracket.

Reliability and Assistance

Toyota Assistance

To deliver the best handling, Toyota 86 has gone through tough circuit tests ensuring reliability. This sports car was tested on the Nürburgring circuit to evaluate if it can perform with the same reliability in varied conditions and as expected, it came out clean. While the manufacturer has ensured the best of fidelity in driving and handling, it has also tagged Toyota Service Advantage with this car so that your Toyota 86 may get what it deserves – The Best.

Value for Money

Value For Money Drive

Toyota 86 is the closest competitor of Subaru BRZ and though this Toyota drive is developed and manufactured with the help of Subaru, it is way less priced than the Subaru drive. Toyota 86 is tagged with PhP 1,636,000 as starting price while for Subaru BRZ, you would have to shed out PhP 1,928,000. Apart from a rift in price, Toyota 86 has all those features which justify its value.


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