Car Facts that\'ll Blow Your Mind \'Literally\' & We Mean It

  • Apr 18, 2016

MANILA: The Internet is loaded with thousands of car facts, ranging from weird to funny, and how can we forget, the 'most interesting' ones that are lined up on every other portal. Well that's true that facts are limited and are thus bound to be repetitive, but sometimes they get diverted from their fun aspect and get a bit boring. We scanned the web, went through a number of sites and compiled some facts that you'll surely love to read. Our goal is to see that 'woo' raised eyebrow and wide eye expression on your face.

Below are mentioned some car facts that will surely not get you bored and you'll have a good time reading them, whether or not you are a car junkie -

A brand that Forced Hitler to Beg -


One of the most cruel dictators of all times was once found begging, not for funds or for arms but for a car loan. While serving a prison sentence, Hitler wrote a letter to Mercedes-Benz dealership requesting them badly for a car loan. Information about the reply is not known but in later years, Hitler owned a Grosser Mercedes 770.

1 Million Dollar Speeding Ticket -


Only a Swede can afford this speeding ticket. One fine day, a 37 years old unnamed Swedish man unknowingly created an unusual world record, which we think no one will ever dare to break. He drove his Mercedes SLS AMG to a top speed of 317 km per hour and in conclusion was gifted with a 1 million dollar fine spill.

Steve Jobs & his Blank Licence Plate -


Steve Job was a distinct personality and so was his car. For years, Jobs was spotted driving a plateless Mercedes SL55 AMG around the California roads. How? Well, the genius knew more than just computers and one fine day he discovered a loophole in California Licence Plate Law. As per the law, one was allowed to drive a plateless new car for six months, knowing which Jobs cracked a deal with a leasing company, wherein he would get a new Merc in exchange of the old one, after every six months.

Wanna Double your Car Key Range, All you Need is a Skull -


Is your car not responding to frequent car-key presses? Hmm… maybe it's out of range, go a little bit closer. That's what a normal conversation sounds like, but have you ever heard - 'hold your car key near your head', as a response to your problem. Well, that's true your skull acts as an Amplifier, increasing your car key range to double.

Water as a Fuel, a Tightly Guarded Secret for 100 years -


Yes, rumour has it that the concept to use water as an alternative fuel was not disclosed for almost 100 years and has been a tightly guarded secret. Various political reasons are said to be behind this secretive behavior.

OMG! So Much China on Road -


Believe it or not, but one out of every four cars produced in the world comes from China. So no matter how bad you try to distance yourself for a 'Made in China' item, they somehow will end up being there in your life.

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