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Reasons to buy Honda Mobilio over Suzuki Ertiga

Reasons to buy Honda Mobilio over Suzuki Ertiga
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With the growing competition in almost every segment of the automobile industry, manufacturers are using their best tricks to surpass their competitors in one or the other way. Among the many vehicles that took a hit of this scenario, Suzuki Ertiga is also one of them. It is facing fierce rivalry from the Honda Mobilio. Here are a few reasons why the Mobilio is a better choice over the Ertiga.

1- Aesthetics

Honda Mobilio over Suzuki Ertiga - Design

Suzuki Ertiga is not that old, but it looks old. Even after getting a makeover it does not have the looks to attract a whole bunch of buyers. Honda Mobilio has got a similar case, however, Honda took notice of this and was quick enough to bring a facelift in the market with better aesthetics.

The latest generation of the Honda Mobilio has got bigger and wider pair of headlights that matches brilliantly with the overall dimensions of the MUV. It even has a small spoiler on the roof which adds a bit of a sporty character and hence lure in a younger crowd. There is even an RS variant available that is much sportier. The rear of the Mobilio looks as proportionate as its front - featuring big and wide tail lights.

2- Interior and various features

Honda Mobilio over Suzuki Ertiga - Cabin

The Honda Mobilio does not even look good just from the outside, it has got a welcoming feel inside its cabin. The black theme appeals to a broader spectrum of audience than the beige one that we get with the Suzuki Ertiga. It is also sportier, and therefore, yet again, pulls in younger people.

Mobilio measures much longer than the Ertiga, and thus, has got a better space management inside its cabin. Even after being a 7-seater, the space allocated to each row of seats is perfectly balanced to make sure that the comfort of the occupants is not compromised.

Since Honda has paid a great deal of attention to make the Mobilio a go-to vehicle for the younger people, it has given paddle-shifters on the RS variant. It is sure a deal-maker for a car enthusiast. Even the instrument cluster features a sporty feel with orange light in the background.

The boot space in the Mobilio is larger than that of the Ertiga. It offers 223-litre of space with the 3rd-row seats upright. Fold them down and the space increase to 470-litre. And if you need more, just tumble down the seats to get a total of 521-litre.

Honda Mobilio is a better pick even when you consider the safety features. While the Ertiga does come with ABS and EBD, it is not standard across all its variants, and you only get it in the top-end GLX model. On the other hand, Honda offers ABS and EBD as standard across all its three variants of the Mobilio.

3. Engine and performance

Honda Mobilio over Suzuki Ertiga - Engine

Powering the Mobilio is a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, i-VTEC engine that has got a total power of 120 PS at 6,600 RPM and produces 145 Nm of peak torque at 4,600 RPM. Both of the figures are higher than that of the Ertiga. Honda has done extensive work in the development of this engine. It is even used in other Honda cars.

There is a 5-speed manual transmission that pairs up with the i-VTEC engine and is available with the base model. Honda has also given a CVT. It offers seamless shifting for smooth and powerful acceleration that enhances the overall driving performance. It also offers an impressive fuel economy.

With this we come to an end of out argument - Why Mobilio over Ertiga? Tell us what you feel in the comment section below.

Honda Mobilio vs Suzuki Ertiga Comparison

Honda Mobilio
  • ₱895,000 - ₱1.08 Million
Suzuki Ertiga
  • ₱743,000 - ₱993,000
Mobilio vs Ertiga

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