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Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger - Tough choice for enthusiasts!

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger - Tough choice for enthusiasts!

Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, the two prominent vehicles of their segment fight against each other to appeal a large number of enthusiasts in the auto-market. Pickup trend is rising high in our country, therefore both of these cars possess superior potential for the buyers. Even though, the auto producers are giving their best shot to make their vehicles highly potential and offers best-in-class features to delight their customers.

Toyota Hilux enjoys high stakes of popularity among the Philippines pickup lovers, but the latest generation of all-new Ford Ranger is giving head-to-head competition to the Japanese vehicle. We did a live poll asking our members to pick their favorite one and the result was a bit surprising for us. 

Poll Result

Here we are comparing the specifications of the top variants of these two pickups, which will help you in determining the key highlights of these pickups: -




Opting one among Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger is a gamble, as both of these popular vehicles proposes impeccable performance and leading features. Both the pickups offer something different that might appeal to some and might not to others. In addition, when it comes to practicality, both Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger perplexes the enthusiasts via their impressive performance counts.

Suggesting a pickup among two will be very difficult and it totally depends on you, which factor matters you the most. If your focus is on mileage, Ford Ranger takes a slight lead in the segment but, when it comes to unmatched engine performance, then Hilux has still not found anyone who outperformed it completely. Therefore, the selection completely depends on your preferences and needs. The comparative infographics might help you to differentiate properly between these popular pickups so that you can get best value for your money.

Also let us know through the poll, which one is your pick among the two in the comment section.

Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger Comparison

Toyota Hilux
  • ₱843,000 - ₱1.85 Million
Ford Ranger
  • ₱1.155 - ₱1.758 Million
Hilux vs Ranger

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