Value-Packed Hatchbacks Under PhP 650,000

  • May 02, 2016

MANILA: The automotive industry is abuzz with the launch of new Mitsubishi Mirage on Friday in the country and the new Mirage has received a lot of appreciation which the company was intended to get. With this chaos in the industry as well as in the country, you must have got how crazy the Filipinos are for their drives. And from the past few years, hatchbacks have been the crowd-favorite, all because of their practicality and versatility.

If you are thinking to add a new car to your fleet or you are the first-buyer, hatchbacks are your Savior due to their spaciousness, great resale value, cheap maintenance cost and practicality. Hatchbacks are perfect for city drive and at the same time a perfect getaway car.

Here's the rundown of few hatchbacks and we highly recommend you to have a close look at these cars that can be parked in your driveway in just under Php 650,000.

Mitsubishi Mirage GLX

Refreshed Mirage

PhP 553,000

This refreshed version of the Mirage will definitely give all the Filipinos a run for the money as it offers great values and features for this price. This updated Mitsubishi hatch now features a more aggressive exterior as well as an upgraded cabin finish. It even boasts a welcome and coming-home lights which are new to the Mirage and under 650K, you can have either manual or CVT with a fuel consumption of 21.7 kmpl without any fancy fuel saving technologies.

KIA Picanto

Picanto Hatchback

PhP 575,000

The smallest Kia vehicle on its lineup is a great car that provides value for money. Its new bold exterior which is crowned by a signature tiger grille and a competitive price tag gives it an edge over its rivals. With its stylish interior with an orange hue and a wide range of pastel body paints along with an impressive powerplant, a Picanto can put up a great fight in its segment.

Toyota Wigo

Wigo hatch

PhP 468,000 - PhP 561,000

Toyota never failed to offer Filipinos a wide range of options for their motoring needs and Toyota Wigo is one of the prized vehicle of the brand. This cute little hatch is a delight to every Filipino with its chic styling with no non-sense attitude, delivering only practicality. Capable of seating five adults, the Wigo is a perfect hatchback for longer journeys along with the baggage, all thanks to its 1.1-litre engine which offers a good balance of power and fuel-efficiency.


F0 Side

PhP 548,000

The BYD F0 (F-zero) with the 'Build Your Dreams' nomenclature boasts a great value for impressive performance that F-zero offers. It even features latest features like keyless entry and start/stop which are offered in expensive hatchbacks. Sporting a chic styling, this hatch is fun to drive yet the engine is a powerful one to give a run for money to its competitors.


EON Front

PhP 508,000

This new variant of Eon is way stylish and fashionable than its older variants and is somewhat a unique combination of the quintessential features of both the GL and the GLS. With new styling and features, new variant of Hyundai EON has become the most desirable hatch among the Filipinos and with the price tag of 508K, it is the first hatch to be powered by the GDi technology.

Being a good car, it will definitely bring you to your destination safely and sound.

No more things to worry, just go with your favourite one here. If we have missed your favorite hatch in this list, give a shoutout in the comments below or on our facebook page.


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