Pros and Cons of 2019 Yamaha Mio i125

Pros and Cons of 2019 Yamaha Mio i125

Clad in funky yet elegant looking design, the Yamaha Mio i125 was set to take the young generation of motorists market by storm. Aside from its overall look, this underbone moped is also a fusion of driving efficiency, good specifications, and affordability all in one.

2019 Yamaha Mio i125

Mio i125 boasts extraordinary riding experience with class and style. It is available in two trims - the Mio i125 Standard and the Mio i125 S. The standard model is more chic and vibrant through its three available colors which are Magenta, Yellow, and Vibrant Orange. Meanwhile, the higher trim is more masculine whereas the available colors are only Matte Black and White.

Yamaha Mio i125 Dimensions:


1,870 mm


685 mm


1035 mm

Minimum Ground Clearance

135 mm 

Seat Height

750 mm


92 - 94 kilograms

Although it is a little bit smaller, this is still another great choice aside from Honda Click 125i and its fellow Yamaha Mio Soul i125 in the 125 cc scooter segment. Yamaha’s Mio i125 is the entry-level model of the new generation Mio Series but it’s still equipped with various technical specifications that are definitely worth its affordable price.

Yamaha Mio i125 side

Since the Mio Series of Yamaha is very much targeted to the younger generation of motorists or the “Miollennials”, this scooter is a definite must-have for young professionals who want to ease their daily commutes.

Take a look at the other specifications of this premium scooter:


Standard and S


Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Air-Cooled, SOHCC


125 cc

Maximum Power

9.5 hp at 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque

9.5 Nm at 5500 rpm

Lubrication System

Wet Sump

Transmission Type

V-Belt Automatic

Fuel Supply System

Fuel Injected

Clutch Type

Dry, Centrifugal, Shoe

Fuel Type


Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having this scooter:

What are the PROS of Mio i125?

Overall Outlook

When it comes to the overall design and styling, the Mio i125 features a very light, cheerful, and youthful vibe with its standard trim while the S trim simply depicts a much more premium, silent, and masculine aura. This is very much applicable for both personalities of most millennials so it’s up to you as a buyer what will fit your driving attitude. The good thing with this model is that it can appeal to both polar.

Yamaha Mio i125 side

Among its design highlights are the following:

  • Wheel Graphics (standard trim)
  • Reflectorized Graphics and 3D Emblem (S trim)
  • Gradient Flair that symbolizes the continued evolution of Mio through innovation packaged in beauty
  • M-Shaped grab bar for easier grip
  • Muscular Muffler that has a has a 3-way catalytic converter that functions in combination with engine control and oxygen sensor feedback
  • Sleek M-shaped frontal design that accentuates a sharp and active expression

Engine and Performance

Both Mio i125 trims are powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 9.5 horsepower and 9.5 Nm torque. It is a good advantage that for a scooter weighing 92 kilograms, it already has a good punchy performance for daily commutes and urban trips.

2019 Yamaha Mio i125 engine

It also inherits the Yamaha’s signature Blue Core technology that is set to empower the engines in order to deliver more powerful riding performance with less fuel consumption. This technology also ensures that Yamaha motorcycles will achieve reduce mechanical loss as well as improve the combustion, driving, and cooling efficiency of its engines.


If you are very much particular on having a comfortable ride, this scooter is definitely a good choice. The position of the handlebar lets you ride in a very upright position so backaches will not be a problem.

Yamaha Mio i125 front

Smart Stand Switch & Stop and Start System

Yamaha has equipped its entry-level moped scooter with a Smart Stand Switch as well as a Stop and Start System. The Smart Stand Switch, when activated, automatically turns off the engine once the side stand is dropped down so accidents like crashing your motorcycle because you did not stop the engine upon parking will not like to happen.

Meanwhile, the Stop and Start System was employed to the Mio i125 to reduce the unnecessary fuel consumption when the scooter is in idle. It automatically switches off the engine when it stops for 5 seconds during traffic or drive-throughs. You can easily switch on the engine again by just twisting the throttle.

Yamaha Mio Soul i125 image

Integrated Key Shutter and Answer Back Key System

A small detail but truly useful, this is how we can describe this additional feature of Mio i125S. It is one of the latest Anti-Theft Technology and sound location designs that was equipped by Yamaha to its entry-level Mio for added security. The scooter unit will emit an electronic sound and lights for the owner to locate it properly, most especially when you parked in a very crowded area.

What are the CONS of the Mio i125?


The storage under the seat is not quite spacious and can only fit a few things not even a full-face helmet. For a scooter that is built for the younger generations who are most frequently not used to bringing a lot of things in their bag, it is ideal to have a bigger seat compartment.

Safety features

Since this is an entry-level model it is highly expected that it will come for a cheap price and of course, lesser features. Although it already not a surprise but the Mio i125 specs sheet lacks some safety features like Anti-Lock Braking System.

Yamaha Mio i125 features

Instrument Console

Upon looking at the Meter Panel, we may see a great distinction as compared to the other typical scooters but this can be improved more.

Fuel Tank

This scooter is employed it with only 4.2-litre capable fuel tank so it gives it a very small tank range. Hence, this may be more ideal for short city rides, like going to work, local market, or fetching your kids from school, but for longer trips, this might be a problem.

Conclusively, despite the very basic stance of the Mio i125, it can still deliver smoother rides for your daily commutes. Apart from the eye-catching designs, it is also admirable that Yamaha keeps their commitment on creating eco-friendly and fuel-efficient motorcycles intact through their Blue Core Technology employed across their roster even to their entry-level model.

Want to test drive a Yamaha Mio i125? Go to your nearest Yamaha dealer store now!

Yamaha Mio i125 Price in the Philippines 

Yamaha Mio i125 Standard

Yamaha Mio i125 S

PHP 71,900

PHP 75,900

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