Honda Mobilio – The Japanese MUV Making Its Rivals Jealous

  • Jul 15, 2016

MANILA: Though the Philippines automotive market has always been dominated by sedans but the latest trend in the market shows the inclination towards big family vehicles like MPVs. The flexibility to use these big vehicles as commercial or as multiple seating options with the comfort of a sedan has encouraged the customers to buy and the manufacturers to produce more of these. Amongst all the brands offering at least one drive in this segment, Honda Mobilio is in highest searches catching a lead from its contemporaries like Toyota Avanza, Nissan Grand Livina, and Suzuki Ertiga. Though Toyota is leading the sales chart in the Philippines but then Avanza is not the reason. On the other hand, Honda is showing an appreciating sales for its Mobilio in the country. Indeed this MPV has made a huge contribution in making Honda stand among the top auto brands in the country. But then, what are the features which make this drive such a high selling model even with such close rivals around?

Here we have compiled the reasons which make Honda Mobilio such a trending model in the Philippines. So whether you are thinking about buying a Mobilio or already an owner of one, here are the factors which can make you feel proud on your decision -

Technology You Can Trust Upon

Mobilio Engine

Indeed, technology is one factor which has made Honda stand where it is today. The Mobilio models are packed with 1.5-litre Chain Drive SOHC i-VTEC engine which is designed and developed by Honda to deliver performance and efficiency in its fleet. This performance-centric engine is capable of delivering a maximum power counting to 120 PS at 6600 rpm along with a peak torque measuring 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. With this, the base trim, 1.5 E MT, has its engine mated with 5-speed manual transmission and the rest of the variants have CVT along with Earth Dreams Technology. This Earth Dreams Technology is a newly developed revolutionary next-gen feature which is capable of enhancing the performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicles. This engine is in compliance with Euro 4 ensuring low carbon emission.

Utility In Sporty package

Mobilio Front

Honda Mobilio, the MUV – as labeled by Honda, is loaded with utility factors which were the main motive behind designing this vehicle. Apart from offering comfortable space for all 7 passengers, this multi-utility vehicle has got 223-litre of a standard boot at the rear of the 3rd-row seats which can be enhanced to 521-litre after folding both the last row seats to flat. Surely that sound huge for a compact MPV. To add more utility and storage factor, Honda has played intelligently and given door pockets, seatback pockets, cup holders at centre console and glove box to stuff handy things in the cabin. This MUV indeed has ample utility factors but that doesn't stop the manufacturer to add sporty features in it. Not to make it look like any other boring MPV, Honda ensured to pack enough flamboyance in it. The all black interior with fabric wrapped seats and a wisely designed dashboard is what you see while slipping inside it. The exterior is designed with equally sporty aspects along with loads of chrome at the front fascia and well-pronounced fenders with 15-inch alloys.

Compact Structure

Mobilio Dimensions

We all know that the Philippines has broad and smooth highways but as far as daily commutation is mentioned, we all have to pass through the narrow city roads. The compact structure of this MUV, not only in comparison to its rivals but also as general, allows it to maneuver comfortably in these streets. The current gen Mobilio counts to 4386-4398 mm x 1683 mm x 1603 mm (L x W x H) along with wheelbase measuring 2652 mm. The wheelbase initially may sound insufficient but once you slide inside you would know that Honda has used its ages old philosophy of 'Man maximum, Machine minimum' while designing it. This philosophy emphasizes more on the human aspect of the car design – driving enjoyment, cabin space, cabin environment and safety of the occupants. The mechanical portions have also been minimized or cast aside to fetch more comfortable space for the passengers.

Resale Value

Honda Brand Value

Honda has captured the 5th spot in sales in the Philippines which depicts the trust factor of us Filipinos on this Japanese brand. While finalizing a car, irrespective of the segment, it is important to check the brand value in the respective market to find if you can invest your trust and money in it or not. Well, if we particularly talk about Filipinos, we are definitely brand conscious and consider it an equally valuable aspect. Coming to Mobilio, this drive is in high demands right now and with the trends inclining towards MPVs and crossovers, more demand is expected in these segments in the coming years. With such appealing aspects under its name, Mobilio is surely going to capture even a bigger share of the market in the coming days. So, the trusted Honda brand with its high in demand Mobilio is never going to be outdated in sales and surely can be sold like free hotcake if the customer ever plans to sell it off. Though, the resale value of any vehicle depends on its condition and model year, but then if the vehicle belongs to a trusted brand, there are fewer questions on its quality and reliability.

For the Philippines automotive market, Honda Mobilio is available at PhP 817,000 which is for the base trim - the 1.5 E MT, which sounds pretty competitive in its segment. There are a couple of cheaper drives available in the market but then you might have to compromise on the aspects and style. Honda Mobilio is a perfect package for you if you are looking for a stylish, comfortable, power-packed drive loaded with safety.


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