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  • Jul 02, 2019

MANILA: As intimated earlier, Honda Philippines has increased the prices of its offerings in the country. Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI) has given a price hike to all but four of its cars, which include the recently refreshed Civic, all-new BR-V, HR-V, and Accord. The Accord will continue to retail at Php 1,938,000 and the two models of the HR-V will also keep their prices intact at Php 1,295,000 and Php 1,495,000.

Honda CR-V

Let’s start off with the biggest crossover offering in the Honda portfolio for the Philippines, the CR-V. Available in four variants in the Philippines, the Honda CR-V has received a price hike of Php 10,000 to Php 13,000. For starters, the 2.0 S CVT will now retail at Php 1,668,000 (+Php 10,000). The V and S 1.6 trims, on the other hand, now boast a price tag of Php 1,698,000 and Php 1,868,000, respectively. Php 2,138,000 (+Php 13,000) is the new retail price for the range-topping SX 1.6 AWD.

Honda Odyssey

For people looking for an MPV, both the Honda Mobilio and Odyssey now features a higher retail price. 1.5 E M/T, which is the base variant of the Honda Mobilio, is now priced at Php 895,000 (+Php 11,000). The other two variants, 1.5 CVT and 1.5 RS Navi CVT now cost Php 968,000 (+Php 10,000) and Php 1,085,000 (+Php 14,000), respectively. The Honda Odyssey has received the steepest price hike with the EX and EX-V Navi models now retailing at Php 2,288,000 (+Php 150,000) and Php 2,688,000 (+Php 190,000), respectively.

Honda City

One of the more popular sedans in the Philippines, Honda City is also more expensive than before. While the base variant 1.5 E CVT is now priced at 876,000 (+Php 8,000), the mid-range model 1.5 VX CVT will now retail at 985,000 (+Php 9,000). Php 1,068,000 (+Php 9,000) is the new price of the range-topping model, the 1.5 VX+ CVT.

Honda Jazz

Also receiving a price hike is the Honda Jazz. Three of the four variants of the hatchback available in the Philippines are now expensive by Php 10,000 to Php 15,000. In case you’re already wondering, the VX Navi CVT model is the one that still retails at the same price as before. The new price for the 1.5 V M/T, 1.5 V CVT, and RS Navi CVT is Php 868,000 (+ Php 11,000), 918,000 (+ Php (+Php 15,000), and Php 1,088,000 (+Php 10,000), respectively.

Honda Brio

Coming on to the recently launched all-new Honda Brio, the compact hatchback now features a price tag of 598,000 (+Php 13,000) for the base 1.2 S M/T model. The 1.2 V CVT and RS CVT variants now cost Php 658,000 (+Php 12,000) and Php 737,000 (+Php 10,000), respectively.

Honda Brio Amaze

Honda has also increased the price of the Brio Amaze. The three 1.3 E M/T, 1.3 S A/T, and 1.3 V A/T variants of the Brio with a trunk will now retail at Php 668,000 (+Php 7,000), Php 728,000 (+Php 6,000), and Php 848,000 (+Php 5,000), respectively. After the price hike, will you still consider getting yourself a Honda or look for the alternatives?

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