Changes required in the Toyota Wigo

  • Sep 04, 2018

We all love the Toyota Wigo. It looks cute, is spacious as well as is loaded with features. It was only recently updated and as is the trend, buyers are flocking to Toyota showrooms. However, how much more can Toyota do with the Wigo hatchback? The Japanese car maker, however, is looking at an all-new generation change for the Wigo. This could happen sometime next year or even in 2020. Here is a list of things we believe Toyota could do with the all-new Toyota Wigo.

More features

After all, who doesn’t like them? The Toyota Wigo as it is a feature loaded car. However, given that the world is now moving towards LED lights, Toyota could very well-tread this path. After all, both the Innova as well as Fortuner have it. Sourcing these parts isn’t expensive as well and will be beneficial in the long run too. Given that Toyota mass produces the Wigo, this feature will be well accepted.

Putting in 15-inch wheels will also add to the allure. Snazzy looking alloys will be a big draw given the TRD versions of the Wigo are sold in large numbers.

Cabin comfort

Having adjustable armrests for the front passengers will make sense in the all-new Toyota Wigo. It is given that the new Wigo will be larger than the existing model. There could also be more space in the cabin, especially at the back. A new trend of fitting in aftermarket sunroofs has emerged in PH. If the Wigo can offer it, being an entry-level hatchback and all, it will definitely up the value quotient of Toyota.

An automatic climate control is a requisite. Given the kind of harsh weather we face, it will be a boon. More so on an entry-level car. No, we aren’t pushing for dual zone climate control. But that is such a good thought, no?

More power

Dare we say that people don’t like more power from their automobiles. Its human tendency to want more. The Wigo doesn’t have a power deficit currently. With the 2019 Toyota Wigo, the Japanese carmaker could massage a bit more power from the 1.0-litre petrol motor. Currently, the Toyota Wigo engine makes 68 PS of power and 88 Nm of torque. How about the power increases to 75 PS and the torque to 90 Nm? Not much and easily doable without compromising on the reliability factor. If all this can be done without sacrificing fuel efficiency, then Toyota has a winner on its hands.

The TRD version of the Toyota Wigo could have a different motor altogether. How about a 1.3-litre 90 PS motor? Exclusively with the 5-speed manual. Toyota can also look at options like a CVT for this engine instead of the good 4-speeder auto?

We also think that Toyota might go in for a hybrid or altogether electric powertrain for the Wigo. After all, Toyota has been promising electrification of its entire range a few years from now. The Toyota Wigo electric will then compete with the smart vehicles.

Case of chassis

This chassis is a reliable and efficient platform for the Wigo. But a new, more agile chassis could have been used for the future. This chassis will help the car become better in terms of handling. The ride quality too can be enhanced further. This will ensure that the buyers will not feel shortchanged. NVH could further be refined too for a pleasing drive experience. A lighter chassis means better performance and at the same time, fuel efficiency goes north too.

Price reduction?

That may not happen given the developmental costs involved for an all-new vehicle. But what if Toyota got in an introductory pricing on the new Wigo? Wouldn’t that just be an icing on the cake? If the new Toyota Wigo price starts below Php 540,000 then it will be a sure shot winner.

Final words

Imaginations galore! That’s what we did just now. However, what if Toyota Philippines just decides to give an ear or most importantly reads this story. What if they actually implemented these ideas? You can always thank us later.


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