Kia Forte - What makes it desirable?

Kia Forte - What makes it desirable?

It is not always true that competition begets a better product in every case; it sometimes results in complete veiling of a few exciting things. The South Korean marque, Kia, faced the same fate when the Filipinos suddenly witnessed the discontinuity of Kia Forte. Folks and many car enthusiasts also called it one of the most ‘underrated’ four-wheelers in the market of the Philippines.

But this did not continue for long as the company vouchsafes our island nation with its previously discontinued and ‘underrated’ nameplate but with a revamped attire, the all-new Forte. The Filipinos welcomed the car at the 2019 Manila International Auto Show, and it is highly safe to say that this time this does not go in vain.

Kia Forte side

We buttress our assertion from the fact that the new sedan has got almost all to pat its shoulder. From an alluring design and a feature-packed interior to a meritorious powertrain, the coaster schleps these with inch perfection. Hence, let us dig further into the contrivance that makes Forte a desirable street runner.

Enchanting looks that no one can ignore

Kia is in no mood to let the new Forte obscure just like the previous one. In order to make the first impression as impactful as possible, the car wears a muscular body with bit bulged-out claddings. There is a compact sized grille with net-like ventilations and is flanked by large LED headlights that intrude deep into the quarter panel.

Below that, the foglamps get large and separate housing, which is also used for air intake. A bold and prominent bumper follows this with an extended base plate. The entire front fiasco is sporty and produces a gleaming effect in the white color variant, in which, the white body and dark modules make the best contrast.

Kia Forte interior

The manufacturer has not played much with the side profiles, whereas, the tail receives a fair bit of crafting tweaks. The large LED taillights are joined on the trunk lid, which also gets a chrome lining. Then we come across several body cuts and at last an expressive rear bumper with the integration of exhaust outlets.

Laudable interior and equipment of ample features

Kia Forte dash

Your interest in Forte will increase once you open the door and step inside it. Loading only a plethora of features is not Forte’s cup of tea. Apart from housing a hefty of features, the entire interior along with its components are crafted excellently. This starts with the dash that features a large infotainment panel,

followed by the instrument cluster behind the multi-functional steering wheel. At its loin, there are turbine shaped air vents with pleasing chrome outlines. The rear seats are foldable so that you can add cargo and the entire seating layout is highly comfortable. Moreover, apart from the centre console armrest, the rear seats also get separate armrests for passengers.

Pump more adrenaline to your ride with Forte’s powerful heart

Kia Forte price

Whichever variant of Forte you choose, all will offer you a boost in the driving experience. We are quite familiar with the niche of cars, which delivers an ample torque but lacklustre power or vice versa. But this is not the case with Forte, which has a commendable figure to roll the wheels faster and for longer.

The sedan is powered by a 1.6-litre four cylinder 16 Valve Gasoline Engine, which churns out a maximum power of 201 hp and a peak torque of 264 Nm. The numbers are enough for the carmaker to vaunt about the creditability of the vehicle’s powertrain. Furthermore, the drive is sent to the wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Obliterate the frets of a drive with powerful braking layout and capable suspension

Kia Forte safey

To assuage the counter-productive and uncertain effects of the vehicle’s powertrain, there is the backing of a robust stopping mechanism. This is composed of an all-disc layout braking system and is further assisted by ABS.

To mitigate the irregularities of bad roads, the chassis is armed with a sturdy suspension module.
Moreover, the coaster runs on 18-inch alloy wheels steered by a power steering with a tiltable steering column for better handling.

Kia Forte rear

We thus conclude our verdict for Kia Forte with no complaints. And why there should be one? Forte fills all the space of desires with an attractive outlook, feature-rich and entertainment packed interior, performing powerhouse and above all, the equipment of almost all necessary and robust safety mechanism.

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