Honda BeAT to be produced in the Philippines

Honda BeAT to be produced in the Philippines

MANILA: The brand-new and specifically for the Philippines Honda BeAT has arrived in the country. And, alongside the new scooter, news telling us that Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) will now manufacture the much-sought-after two-wheeler in the Philippines itself.

Set to kick start in the next month, the production of the Hona BeAT in the Philippines "signifies that HPI’s commitment to give products that are relevant to the needs and lifestyle of its consumers. It is a reflection of Honda’s dedication to fulfil the growing needs of the Filipino market inspired by today’s millennial lifestyle. This is the ideal mix of performance, style, and function for the Filipino consumers who are youthful, fun-loving, cool and funky", said HPI in a statement.

Honda BeAT front

Available in three different variants, namely Premium (ISS/CBS), the Street (STD), and Fashion Sport (STD), the new Honda BeAT flaunts an edgy and attractive appearance thanks to the presence of striking graphics and as many as nine color options including Matte Fiery Red, Matte Axis Gray Metallic on the Premium (ISS/CBS), Euro Gray Metallic, Matte Axis Gray Metallic, Ross White on Street (STD), and Sahara Blue Metallic, Black, Fighting Red, Vibrant Orange on the Fashion Sport (STD).

The new BeAT also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster with Eco-indicator, Automatic Headlight-On (AHO) with multi-reflector, 11-litre utility box, secured Key Shutter, Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), tubeless tyres, park lock brake, side stand switch, Combi-Brake System (CBS), Idling Stop System (ISS), and ACG Starter System. Moreover, one of the best things about the new Honda BeAT remains to be its high fuel efficiency as the Japanese scooter can return a mileage of up to 63 kmpl.

Honda BeAT front

"We are excited to announce that HPI will manufacture the new BeAT to immediately address to the fast-paced demand of the Filipino customers. Young Riders are becoming more demanding in terms of their riding needs – from style to technology, which is why we want to prioritize this model as one of the high-selling AT model that suits the Philippine road traffic condition", said Susumu Mitsuishi, HPI President.

"We are seeing a fiscal year production volume of around 130,000 units", cited Mitsuishi when asked regarding the annual production of Hona BeAT in the Philippines.

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