Yamaha Mio i 125 - Top features

Yamaha Mio i 125 - Top features

The Yamaha Mio i125 is funky scooter that highlights a distinctive and remarkable sense of design. It does not heat up as the heat is effortlessly dissipated because of the DiASil Cylinder which loses heat 3-times faster than steel. Also, the cooling effect is helped by a piston cooler that liberates oil into the pistons. Moreover, it gets an optimized valve design that improves the tumble flow effect. This, along with a firm hemispherical combustion chamber, results in a greater compression ratio.

Yamaha Mio i 125 styling

This scooter receives an exceptional amount of popularity, thanks to the fuel efficiency, reliability, style and ease of use. This scooter is so popular that one can find a Mio rider or three in nearly every road. The Yamaha Philippines has decided to make this scooter, even more, better by adding features to it.

Here are some top features of the Yamaha Mio i 125:


First of all, 'let's talk about styling, and the first thing one would notice is the sleek styling. Yamaha has designed it in a compact and slim frame to weight minimum. It also gets an S variant which comes with two paint schemes, which makes the S look more premium when compared to its colourful siblings. It features the reflective decals and the 3D Mio emblem that makes the scooter grab more eyes on the street. The M-centric design, which is observed in the front face and headlight blends with the more subdued colors to create a smart and classy aesthetic.

Yamaha Mio i 125 logo


The 'Mio's 125cc single-cylinder motor is small, compact, and fuel-efficient. Though the 'scooter's motor might not put out a great quantity of grunt as Yamaha Mio Aerox, 'it's surely packing sufficient usable power for regular tasks. This is what this scooter was made for in the first place. The reason behind the 'scooter's efficiency, notwithstanding the aggressive riding, was the 'Yamaha's Blue Core tech and Start & Stop System. The start & stop system basically shuts off the engine automatically after five seconds of idling and comes back to life once 'you've squeezed the throttle again.

Yamaha Mio i 125 side profile

Seating Comfort:

The riding position is very comfortable as scooters get. The position of the handlebar helps the rider to sit very much upright, and the wide seat is comfortable enough for short rides. The conventional step board does not really permit to stand up on the scooter to deal with bumpy situations, while the under-seat accommodation is not large enough to support a standard full-face helmet. 'It's just sufficient to carry things such as school items, gloves and light groceries. The light storage cubbies next to the ignition are beneficial for keeping small items as well. The high-speed stability of the Mio is not great as it starts to wobble a bit past 80kph. The upright riding position of the rider does not support either, and the front fairings in front assist more to cover the rider's legs from water and mud than present any aerodynamic function.

Yamaha Mio i 125 handling


The ride quality is pleasant enough on well-paved roads, but while riding it off-road the cheap suspension makes sure that rider feels exactly how many bumps they rode over during their daily commute. For regular rides the local minimart, the Mio i 125 is a sensible choice. It weighs just 94kg, which means it will be slicing butter with a knife to manoeuvre the scooter in dense traffic, and the 1,260mm wheelbase makes it effortless to fit in into tight parking spaces and between cars. The brakes offered by Yamaha produce just enough stopping potential for its motor, and 'there's no option of upgrading to Anti-lock braking system.

Yamaha Mio i 125 display

Other features include ECO light that glows when you are riding sensibly at an economical pace. The key gets its own bizarre features. It includes a button that makes the scooter blink its lights a few times on a single click. This feature will help one to find his/her Yamaha Mio i 125 in a dark parking spot. Lastly, it gets a kick starter that will make it easier to cold start the scooter.

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