10 Reliable Car Brands Worldwide in 2015

  • Jun 22, 2016

MANILA: 'Best selling cars' is one of the most searched phrase online. This auto-related fact file not only interests auto junkies whose entire life revolve around cars but prospective buyers are also seen referring to the said list. And obviously, when you are planning to buy a car there is no harm to check-out the list pertaining top 10 best selling cars, as you never know how to find one falling in your budget, satisfying all your needs and requirements.

Now there are many agencies and publications that have a dedicated team working constantly on attaining the list of best selling cars in the world. But apart from knowing the best selling cars, it is also important to identify best-selling brands worldwide.

Anyways, before starting to enlist the most reliable auto brands of 2015, it is important to know that it is nowhere related or influenced by best selling cars 2015 record. That's because a brand rating depends on many factors other than sales, like reliability, quality and road test performance, and same parameters are used to prepare the underneath fact file.

Note that the data mentioned below is based on Consumer Reports that for years have been evaluating every move of the auto industry. To name a few, you can find reports pertaining to Best Selling Cars 2015, Top Car Brands 2015 and other such records on the official website.

1. Lexus

lexus LOGO

Topping the list is the premium luxury vehicle division of Japan's biggest automaker Toyota. Its presence can be found in over 70 countries worldwide with Japan being its largest consumer. Also, Lexus has been consistently featuring in the list of top 10 Japanese global brands in terms of market value. What will further add to its glory is the fact that it is the second time in a row that the brand is topping the said list.

Overall Score - 78
Reliability & Road Test Score - 76
Consumer Reports Take - Plush, quite & very reliable

2. Mazda

Mazda LOGO

Say hello to another Japanese entry that over the years has shown consistent growth and development. Mostly known for its ‘KODO: Soul of Motion’ design that embodies dynamic beauty of life and Skyactiv technology, Mazda through its cars contributes in making the 'world a better place'.

Overall Score - 75
Reliability & Road Test Score - 76
Consumer Report Take - Replicates its sporty DNA trademark on every new car & understands itself very well

3. Toyota

Toyota LOGO

Seems like Japanese automakers are ruling the top 10 auto brands list and Toyota featuring on the list comes as no surprise. The good news for the brand doesn't end here, as in addition to this, Toyota also features as many as three of its cars in top 10 best selling cars of 2015 list. Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4 acquires first, fifth and tenth position in the said best selling cars’ list.

Overall Score - 74
Reliability & Road Test Score - 72
Consumer Report Take - Reliable & Solid cars that are comfortable and pleasant to drive

4. Audi

audi logo

At last, a German in the midst of what seemed like a Japanese dominating field. Also, Audi after Lexus is the second luxury auto brand to feature in the list. Worldwide famous for its exceptionally well designed and engineered cars, with its four ring logo only adding to its million dollars worth charisma. As for the recent update, the brand recently gave way the first official look of all-new A5 and upcoming Audi A8.

Overall Score - 73
Reliability & Road Test Score - 81
Consumer Report Take - Luxury brand with luxurious interiors, exceptional performance and Quattro all-wheel-drive system

5. Subaru

Subaru logo

A manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate, Subaru is one of the biggest automakers by production worldwide. The brand is known for implanting boxer engines underneath its cars hood and the same being its biggest advantage over other brands. As for the recent update, Subaru recently launched the next-generation BRZ that came shortly after Toyota 86 launch. Also, similar to all its counterparts expect Toyota none of its cars featured in best selling cars in the world list.

Overall Score - 73
Reliability & Road Test Score - 80
Consumer Report Take - Component technology is Subaru's biggest pro

6. Porsche

Porsche logo

Time to say hello to the black horse on the yellow background. After Lexus and Audi if there is any other expensive and ultra luxurious brand featuring in the list then it's Porsche. Also, among the top 10 auto brands, Porsche is the only one to have acquired maximum road test score, proving the mastery with which each Porsche is created.

Overall Score - 7o
Reliability & Road Test Score - 84
Consumer Report Take - Impressive fuel-saving with great performance and high reliability

7. Buick

buick logo

Finally, an American in the list that as mentioned earlier is dominated by Japanese brands. Buick is the upscale vehicle manufacturing wing of General Motors with its existence mainly restricted to North American market. As for greater clarity on the issue, the brand is positioned above Chevrolet and below GM flagship division Cadillac.

Overall Score - 69
Reliability & Road Test Score - 76
Consumer Report Take - Competitive, sporty, refined and affordable

8. Honda

honda logo

Honda is the eighth best selling automaker in the world and likewise, its crossover CR-V also ranks on the same position in the list of best selling cars in 2015.

Overall Score - 69
Reliability & Road Test Score - 71
Consumer Report Take - Good resale value, competitive fuel economy and high reliability

9. Kia

kia logo

Kia Motor Corporation is the only South Korean automaker to feature in the list. The brand has even surpassed South Korea's biggest auto manufacturers Hyundai in terms of popularity and reliability.

Overall Score - 68
Reliability & Road Test Score - 73
Consumer Report Take - Component cars with economical price

10. BMW

bmw logo

Bayerische Motoren Werke popularly known as BMW is a German engine, motorcycle and luxury vehicle manufacturer. The said brand recently completed 100 years of existence in the auto market and celebrated the same with the showcasing of Vision Next 100 Concept.
And now adding to bash is its entry in the list of top 10 auto brands of 2015.

Overall Score - 66
Reliability & Road Test Score - 82
Consumer Report Take - Fuel-efficient, responsive and comfortable

That's all we have on auto bands that contributed big time to the auto industry with great reliability and some even with best selling cars.


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