A Hatchback or a Sedan: A Liftgate or a Trunk?              

  • May 04, 2016

MANILA: Although sedans remain in high demand in the Philippines, hatchbacks are gaining favors and boasting interests of buyers, especially in the compact segment. The popularity of hatches can be seen from the sales figures this segment is achieving and with the new launch of 2016 Mirage, the market has again started buzzing. But, with already existing players in the compact sedan segment like Honda Brio Amaze and Suzuki Dzire, people often have dilemma while making a buying decision. Which one to go for, a sedan or a hatchback? Obviously, there is a significant gap in their prices. But, this debate is full of extremists, those preferring hatch, cite fuel economy as the top reasons and those siding sedans, fall for their big car feel.

At the end of the day, it is more of a personal choice, which car to bring home. If you are in the hatchback court, we have enough reasons to support your decision, but that doesn't mean we will make sedan supporters feel out of place. We have ample reasons to make sedan lovers happy too.

So here are few Pros and Cons of hatchbacks to take you out from dilemma.

5 Reasons to go for a Hatchback:

Superb for Downtown families

Literally designed for urban families, hatches are compact and low on maintenance with a better fuel economy than sedans. A perfect drive for daily commuting, from drives to the office or to markets, the hatchback is an ideal drive for urban kind of setup.

Space Flexibility

Roomier Cabin

When you opt for a hatch, you are definitely in for added flexibility as most hatches provide an option where the user can tumble the rear seats in order to liberate more cargo space. In a chase to offer supreme comfort with space, no other segment has undergone as many changes as hatchback over the time and all the modifications and alterations have done a good job. You might find a sedan more spacious and roomier from inside, but ‘THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID’, all things aren't the same as they look. Unlike sedans, a hatchback doesn't have a separate boot space and with the split-folding rear seatbacks, you can gain more cargo space within minutes.

Large Boot Space

Small on the Outside, Big on the Inside

Yes, that's true. You can enjoy the luxurious interior as in the most expensive cars without adding extra exterior dimensions to your hatchback. These hatchbacks in the compact segment are somewhat smaller than their sedan counterparts, allowing you to enjoy a city drive without any difficulty in parking and maneuvering at places where space is a constraint.

More Roomier for Rear Passengers


Spacious Cabin

Often hatchbacks come with a higher roofline as compared to sedans and this advantage gives its passengers a better headroom so that they won't have to slouch and hurt their back and neck.

In Budget and Credible Resale Value

Most of the hatchbacks are relatively affordable than sedans and are within the reach of a middle-class family or first-buyers. They are termed as an idyllic choice for the younger generation and that's not all guys, hatchback pays you well also when you decide to sell it off. They have the better resale value and in some cases even better than their sedan counterparts. For the first time buyers, it seems a very good deal, as when you are done with it, you can sell it at a very good amount and can get upgrade to a better car.

Now that you have seen few of the reasons to buy a hatchback, let's not disappoint our sedan lovers also.

5 Reasons to choose sedan over Hatch

Not every time Fuel-Efficient

Sometimes enjoying the perks of a hatchback can cost you few bucks at the pump station. As they are less aerodynamic and shorter in length, few hatchbacks get behind in the fuel economy department.

Lack of Privacy

Glass Window of Hatch Boot

The biggest flaw of a hatchback is no privacy of luggage at all. If a liftgate and a trunk are made as options, most of us will go for a locking trunk as they offer great privacy and security of our luggage. In hatchbacks, a rear window is there, which offers an easy view of its cargo space and can be easily broken by thieves. However, now we have modern hatchbacks also, which provide a privacy tray that can hide items in the cargo area.

Big Car Feel

As far as cabin space is concerned, sedans win over hatchbacks by a huge score. With their comparatively large dimensions they give a feeling of a big and luxurious car and make the journey all the more enjoyable.  Sedans are also considered to be stylish over their hatchback counterparts and have slowly evolved as a perfect fashion statement.

So here you have it both, the pros and the cons of a hatchback. Now it's up to you which one to bring in your driveway. Do share with us in comments about what would you prefer - a liftgate or a trunk?


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