Car Color Trend of 2015

  • Jun 23, 2016

MANILA: We all knowingly or unknowingly follow trends. It's like something acceptable is flowing in the air, which we inhale and replicate. This something we are here talking about is 'trend'. Fashion trend, shoe trend, make-up trend, bag trend, and what not is there and followed. Likewise, trends appear in auto market as well, it can be in the form of car segments (crossover like is the most trending segment in the past year), design language, and even car colors.

That's what will be discussing is this article, the flowing car color trend of 2015. Now, a little road observation can give you a good about most favorable car color of the season, which will surely require a bit dedication. But there is an easy way out too, you can consult the PPG's data report on 2015 Global Color Popularity. Apart from worldwide analysis, the said agency has also published region wise trend report for North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Inquisitive Filipinos can consult the Asia Pacific statistical data, to see what five colors are picked most by car buyers in the Philippines. Now, if asked which car colors you think have made to the list? More than 90% of you will be able to guess three out of five car colors right, as most of us have a car in the color standing outside our house. Doubt us, try looking it for yourself, before scrolling down, guess the splashes you think made it most to the car's body.

What all colors have made it to the 2015 globally popular color list?

Topping the list like always is White (35%), that showed 7% increase in its likeability when compared to 2014. Second after white is the luxury color black (17%) that witnessed one percent fall in pick over the previous year. Silver and Grey with 12% and 11% popularity quotient respectively at the third and fourth position. At the fifth position is Natural color that witnessed a 2% fall in its popularity over 2014. Other colors that made it to the list include Red (8%), Blue (7%)and Green (1%).

Which color splashes painted the Philippines road the most?

pgg car color report

Like the global statistical report, in the Philippines also, White and Black showed the highest percentage of likeability with 44% and 16% market share. One color that specifically looked popular in the Philippines (Asia-Pacific region) is Neutral. This new color outpassed the yesteryear market leaders like Silver and Gray with a good 12%.

Colors and cars that we feel compliment each other like a perfect moonlight & candlelight dinner -


White cars


This one for sure is a color of purity and honesty. Also, we have heard people saying that the one who chooses white is full of elegance and taste. But you would be rather shocked to know the type of cars that best carry this sun friendly color.
Monsters on the wheel like Toyota Fortuner, Nissan GT-R, and Hyundai Tucson looked best in white. The color defines their good contour body aptly, with all the cuts and creases looking more prominent.



Meet the power color Black, that defines luxury and sophistication like none. Now, it is one color that looks good on everything, take for example your favorite pair of jeans, gym tracks, your little black dress or the dashing party suit. It is the same color that all wish to buy, some actually do and other fear the dust and visible scratches. Diplomates, big television, and movie stars are mostly seen picking up this color for their four-wheel drive.
Cars that we think look best in this color include, the December 2015 launched Honda Legend, Honda City and the muscle car Dodge Charger.


Natural car

This one is a new color that in the recent times have become popular and trendy. Natural color doesn't look good on everything and it's a rare occurrence that you get something in this color that suits you at the same time. In the same way their are only a few cars available in this color and the ones which are may not all look good in this color.
When talking about the car in Natural, one name that first strike our head was Suzuki Ciaz. No other color then Natural defines it well. Also, Ford Everest look bold and beautiful in this color.


Silver car

Next color, to have made most of the Philippines road is Silver. It is the color of style and security and cars no matter which segment they belong to looks good in this particular shiny color. Also, there are several benefits of buying a silver car, as the same doesn't look dirty nor does it absorb heat like other dark colors.
As mentioned earlier, almost all cars look good in this particular color. But out of the lot, we feel the color suits best Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, and Honda Accent.


gray car

The last color to feature in the list is Gray, the not so shiny Silver, you can say. It is a color that reflects maturity, composer, dignity, and tradition. You'll usually find college students saying no to this car color and their father, on the other hand, will be seen pursuing them for one. Gray like the silver suits every car body style from a small hatch to big SUV.

Cars that we feel look their best in this color are Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and Toyota RAV4, each from a different segment, fulfilling a different purpose.

Happy car shopping to all & remember to pick a car color that not only suits your personality but at the same time best compliments your car.


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