Have a Junk Vehicle in Your Backyard? Here’s What You Can to Do?

  • Jun 16, 2016

New cars value depreciate by around 15% as soon as you drive it away from the showroom and it continues to depreciate by the same value year after year. With time you move on to new vehicle either by selling the old one or you still linger on with the same for certain household tasks. Or you might have a car that your grandfather bought in his lifetime, which he never wanted to sell and as a result that car probably still stands in your backyard whose condition has worn off long back. The state of the same is typically bad, you can’t drive it, it’s body has been rotted completely and now you don’t wish to get it fixed due to the additional expenses it would require to get it going. It might look scrap to you but it can still grant you few extra bucks which you never thought of gaining or there are several other things which you can do to get rid of the junk from your backyard as no one wants to collect the scrap in their homes. Getting rid of them at the right time is probably the best thing you can do. Wondering how you can actually get the things started and get away from your salvaged vehicle then read on to discover ideas of what can be done for the rescue of your backyard.

#1 Locate a junk agency

The first thing you could do with your salvage vehicle is sell it. There are agencies that can buy your rotted away vehicles for a handsome sum of amount. You just need to locate the agencies, which deal in automobiles too and shoot a call to them. Finding a customer for such a vehicle would be next to impossible while searching for an auto junk yard would be way too easy. The vehicle which looks rubbish to you could actually reward you good cash. These agencies buy the vehicles from individuals, business owners, insurance companies, auctions and various other sources. What they actually do is repair them, make them good enough to run and sell them eventually. They buy cheap, spend few bucks on its repairing and sell them at profits. Still, a good deal as that vehicle won’t ever pay you till the time it stands in your backyard. Contacting an agency would require you to do some homework as well. Here are some points you need to ponder while researching for the same.

  • Make sure the junkyard is legal and follows the state’s salvage auto regulations

  • Get the right price for your vehicle. Explore more to get more. There can be variations in the prices offered by the junkyard owner residing nearby in comparison to the one located far away. So, researching can help you get the right price for your vehicle

  • Get the documents of your vehicle ready and learn what parts of your vehicle still work before heading towards the junkyard. This could impact the final valuation of your vehicle

#2 Sell it in parts

Instead of selling the complete vehicle in one go you can sell it in parts. You can trade off the workable equipment of your vehicle for a considerable sum of amount while the other parts can be trade off as junk. It would be a tedious task to accomplish and hence it is advised to get an offer for a whole unit rather than selling the parts separately.

#3 Trade it for a new `model

If your vehicle still has any kind of resale value and is in working condition then you can trade it at a dealer for your next used car without ignoring the mistakes that one makes while buying a used car. Obviously, you won’t get a good amount for it but you can certainly pay the purchasing amount for your next vehicle with that amount. However, don’t forget the convenience you’ll go through with this process.

#4 Make it an art piece

If you are a graffiti artist or a painter you could transform that piece of junk in a high quality art piece. It could make your backyard a fascinating place to organize small get togethers or parties with that creative chunk around. It is said that artists can bring life to the dead so here’s is your chance to do the same. Spending a little on a professional artist can help the cause.

#5 Donate

Last but not the least you can donate it to some charity. The charity can trade it for some hard cash, which can be used back in the program or can get it repaired (if possible) for transportation work or help them commute conveniently saving on their expensive purchase of a new vehicle.

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