Honda BR-V – Amalgamation of the bests of Japanese Auto Conglomerate

  • Mar 24, 2016

MANILA: 2016 Manila International Auto Show is just a fortnight away and with the dates coming closer, the automakers across the globe are putting everything to make this event a big hit. Among the renowned names is Honda, the most preferred auto brand in the Philippines, which is bringing its new fleet together to present in front of the visitors. The company has already announced to show the faces of new Honda Civic and New Honda Accord at the MIAS 2016 along with the latest sensation Honda BRV 2016. The newest 7-seater in the squad has already grabbed the eyeballs and is under the scanner of the critics. With MIAS 2016 approaching the country, there can't be any better occasion to launch it in the Philippines automotive market.

Though, the drive not possess much of its own and shares most of its features with other Honda drives, it is good enough to grab the attention. Check out the Honda drives which have their contribution in making the all-new Honda BR-V -

Borrowed Platform

Mobilio & Brio

Honda BR-V shares its platform with Honda Mobilio and Honda Brio which makes it a performance-centric vehicle. Just like Brio and Mobilio, the new BR-V is powered with a 1.5-litre engine which is capable of delivering a maximum power of 120 PS at 6600 along with a maximum torque showing 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. The engine comes mated with the honda patent Earth Dream Technology which enhances the performance as well as efficiency of the drive.

Structure and style

BR-V and Brio

Have a close look at the new Honda BR-V. Does it remind you of Brio? Yes, you got it right! The new 7-seater has borrowed its styling cues from the absolutely peppy Honda Brio, especially from the side profile. The front, however, looks new but the sides are absolutely a replica of the Brio making it a little boring for a crossover.

Cabin to capture

BR-V and Jazz interior

Though, Honda BR-V has nothing new in this segment also but, the interior of Honda Jazz has ensured that Honda BR-V is a stunner and comforter from inside. The features, ergonomics, convenience and styling, everything is copied from the new Honda Jazz. Even the upholstery and dash looks very resembling making it easy for the customers who love the peppy cabin of Jazz.

Though Honda BR-V has grabbed the attention and is the new talk of the town but, the borrowed looks and features may turn down the interest of the prospective customers. With all the plagiarized aspects, looks like the manufacturer is out of creativity or too lazy to create something new!


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