Looking for Daily Commuter? Put Your Money on Honda City

  • Jun 14, 2016

Owning a car is a dream, which most of us want to fulfill, but we often find ourselves in dilemma when it comes to finalizing a car suiting our daily requirements. With numerous options available in the market and not enough knowledge about automobiles we might put our money on the car which isn’t meant for us. This is where experts like us come into play educating you about the best possible option available in the market.

There are certain factors you need to look upon before taking your final call as far as daily commuter is concerned like budget, purpose, priorities and more. Talking about the choices available in the market we’d like to put our money on Honda City and following are the reasons why? So, go ahead and read this article for the real findings about this Japanese sedan from the road test performed earlier, which made us believe why it can be a perfect daily commuter for you.

City side view

#1 Playful and stable

The 1.5-litre power mill fitted beneath the hood is quite playful offering an extra bit of punch whenever required. Powered with i-VTEC four-cylinder SOHC engine, it offers 120 PS of max power while a peak torque of 145 Nm. It offers an unbelievable driving experience when it comes to congested city roads with impressive maneuvering ability and responsive engine. The engine integrated inside the hood is indeed a responsive one, responds to the driver’s call instantly. It is certainly good when you take it around the corners and offers zero body roll as compared to its arch rival Hyundai Accent that has taken this issue for guaranteed since its inception.

CIty interior

#2 Sophisticated interior styling

Being a daily driver you would like your car to be aesthetically sound from inside as you wouldn’t like to drive in an unpleasing car everyday. This aspect has been clearly taken care of by the brand. Honda City comes with an elegant cabin with top-notch comforting and technology features that surround you to offer the best experience. Entering inside the cabin would give you a sense of style, sophistication and comfort. Although, the company has pulled up on some aspects like plastic on the dash and other panels but overall quality of the cabin is more than average. The fabrics used in the making of seats, metallic gun accents here and there and textured plastics take the piece of cake with zero doubts.

Optimal driving position, adequate cushioning on the seats, clear-vision heads-up display, prominent controls, which offer easy accessibility to the driver give this sedan an upper hand as compared to its competitors in the market.

#3 Refined to the core

Equipment fitted in the car are of utmost quality indicates the level of work done by the designers and development in the making of this sedan. From engine to transmission system, audio system to speakers, steering to suspension, everything reflects supremacy. On a daily run to your office you’d hardly hear anything creepy as far as transmission and engine are concerned. While the CVT gearbox fitted makes it even more easy for you to cruise along your journey. The stiff suspension aids in overcoming the trauma caused by bumps and potholes along the way while its considerable wheelbase is good enough to keep the car stable at all instants.

Eco mode City

#4 As economical as you’d like

The fuel economy is another factor that has been kept in charge by the brand big time. Mated to a CVT gearbox and i-VTEC technology, City is potent to yield out impressive fuel economy numbers on both, city as well as high-speed roads. During our run in the graceful City, we observed an economy number to touch a mark of 18 kmpl, provided we ran it at a steady pace of 80 kmph with a max number of passengers onboard. This figure fluctuated as we went beyond 80 Kmph but never came down than 16 kmpl on a steady pace.

While in case of congested Manila streets, the economy quotient was still good at 12 Kmpl. Traffic was the main cause in the decreased fuel efficiency and obviously not the car’s engine. Honda City has an ECON button that takes care of fuel economy of the car significantly. Turn this mode ON and relax. You no longer need to pay attention to the efficiency factor, it’s done automatically now. Driving in an eco mode would also turn the illumination of speedometer to green indicating that car’s efficiency is in check. Generally, it is believed that driving in an eco mode would hinder the power and throttle response but this isn’t the case with City. Save your hard earned cash at the cost of none. A penny saved is a penny earned and with a perfect combo of Honda steering allied to CVT transmission it’s a green flag to City’s dynamics.

city rear profile

#5 Well proportioned sedan

The City is a perfect fit for the single office goers as well as for the weekend getaways or plans. It is short enough to maneuver easily through crowded streets and large enough to fit in four adults and their luggage for weekend outings with a cargo space of 536 litres. However, the fifth passenger at the rear would feel unwelcomed but still an average guy can smartly fit in. The leg space at the rear is also quite generous and you won’t feel unpleasant at any instant of time in this sedan.

Final Word

Aforementioned points clearly justify the sedan’s grandeur and why it is good to put your money on this Japanese sedan ahead of any other opponent in the market. Although, it is slightly high-priced (at PhP 759,000) than its arch rivals, Accent and Ciaz, which are currently up for grab at a starting price tag of PhP 668,000 and PhP 738,000 respectively but it won’t be nasty to shed off those extra bucks on this sedan due to unmatched characteristics it offers. You can also check out our previous story comparing City and Ciaz here.

  • Full Front View of City
  • Honda City Front Medium View
  • City Front angle low view
  • City Side view
  • Rear Cross Side View of Honda City
  • Full Rear View of Honda City
  • Honda City Drivers Sideview
  • City Headlight
Honda City
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