Looking to Buy Toyota Yaris? Here is its Bright and Dark Side

  • May 13, 2016

Are you looking to buy a hatchback in the near future? Oops, I forgot to mention that are you looking to buy a premium hatchback? If the answer is yes to the aforementioned question then considering a hatch from the Japanese auto marques, Toyota won’t be a bad option. Yes, you can widen your choices by including a Toyota model in your list, which accounts for the Toyota Yaris, a hatchback version of the popular and loved sedan, Vios. Vios has been ranked #1 on the list of best-selling cars in the Philippines for the years, 2014 and 2015. Here, we are talking about its hatch version, Yaris analyzing its bright as well as its dark side, so as to clear the picture about the same.

yaris exterior

Bright Side


Derived from its sedan version, the Yaris has the looks that can catch anyone’s eyes. With a bold and aggressive front that accentuates sharp headlights and a large air dam lower down the bumper is perfect for attracting an auto enthusiast while the wide rear end and wrap-around tail lights grant the hatch an ideal ending. Flaunting its sporty appeal are the rear spoiler, front lip just under the bumper and sturdy looking alloy wheels. Although, its design is not everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly has that persona, which can make viewers drool over it.

yaris interior

Quality interiors

Inside, the car is ergonomically designed taking care of each and every aspect for the betterment and comfort of the passengers. The leg and headroom on offer are ample allowing the passengers to enjoy the drive while on the go. The seats are covered in premium quality leather that gives you a sense of luxury, style and comfort. The cushioning done on the seats is absolutely perfect, which won’t let you feel a sense of discomfort at any instance of time.


Being a Toyota, this is the one thing that we can bet to be at the highest peak. It is indeed quite responsive, reliable and yes power packed. Widely known and used as a city commuter, it houses an engine that is capable of churning out a max power of 85 PS, which is good enough for ticking that power punch on city roads.

yaris cabin

Dark side

Lack of Exclusivity

Despite loaded with features and necessary equipment, the interiors of Yaris look bland. Monotonous styling, dreary steering wheel and boring air conditioning controls, that what calls for the Yaris’s interiors. The beige and black color tone give it a regular feel and nothing exciting can be extracted out of the same. However, it is an evergreen cabin with no fuss around as far as styling is concerned.


As compared to the market and options available for the customers, Yaris is heavy on the pocket. Its base variant starts at a price tag of PhP 736,000 while at a starting price of PhP 592,000, one can buy a brand new Toyota Vios. Obviously, owning a sedan at a price much lower than Yaris would be a wise move. When you have mechanical specifications exactly the same on Yaris and Vios, why won’t you would go for a sedan version? This is what keeps Vios right at the top of the sales chart every time.

yaris rear

Low on driver’s convenience

No driver would like a car’s steering to go beyond his/her reach. And guess what, Yaris does it perfectly. The steering is out of reach of an average built driver. You don’t enjoy the drive particularly because of that hard to reach steering. However, the driving comfort could have been enhanced with working closely on its steering reach and rake.

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