Things you Might not have Noticed in 2016 Mirage!

  • May 02, 2016

MANILA: Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most-loved cars of the Philippines auto market. It would not be wrong to say that Mirage is a strong money churner for Mitsubishi, not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Saying this, we see a subtle look across our readers, as they seem to be very well known about the attributes that come attached with Mirage. But no matter how well you know a subject, there is always a thing or two that goes unnoticed or are sometimes overshadowed by its other strong points. At this point enters CarBay, we with our team of auto experts analysed this new car upside down and gathered few points that we think you might have missed under the light of its grand aura.

Down under you'll find two sections, one talking about all the well known traits about 2016 Mirage and another one pointing about its hidden flaws that were clouded by the former section.

SECTION ONE: 5 Things all should know about new Mitsubishi Mirage

1. Chrome finally makes an appearance-

2016 mirage new grille

Previous generation Mirage missed the trending chrome work that we see featuring in cars these days. So, keeping up with the course, Mitsubishi has crafted the new Mirage with some style enhancing chrome inserts seen on the grille and front air vents.

2. No more boring colors, here comes the vibrant Mirage

Here comes another addition on the beautification front. Now completing the stylish chrome work are present two new vibrant color shades - Wine Red Pearl and Sunrise Orange Metallic.

3. New Mirage is smarter than ever -

All-new Mirage now gets a number of advanced amenities like welcome and coming home lights, Bi-Xenon HID projector lights, new 300-watt Rockford- Fosgate audio system with EcoPunch and an improve NVH tuning.

4. Bigger wheels for greater support -

bigger wheels of all new mirage

Another significant change can be seen on its wheels. The base GLX trim now stands on 14-inch while the GLS trim wears a 15-inch dual-tone alloy wheels.

5. It's new and so will cost more

cramped boot-space of 2016 mirage

Though it's not a norm but these days every next-generation model comes accompanied with a raised price tag. Same is followed by new Mirage that now costs PhP 20,000 to PhP 30,000 more variant wise.

SECTION TWO: 4 Things we think you might have missed to notice in 2016 Mirage

1.Engine capacity proportional to fuel economy

Don't get confused, it's like for a 1.2L 3-CYL mill churning out power and torque figures like 78 PS and 100 Nm seems to be a bit low key on paper. But here it is done intentionally to keep mileage figure under control. Thus keeping the Mitsubishi new hatchback under EURO 4 category.

2. Lacks leg space and under thigh support

low rear-leg-space in new mirage

Yes, you read it right. Mitsubishi Mirage 2016 lacks on the leg space front, a tall person will find it difficult to adjust, especially during long journies. Similarly, when compared to its competitor Hyundai i10 and Toyota Wigo, it misses under thigh support at rear seats.

3. Boot space not so spacious

The internal housing of the boot eats up a whole lot of space, plus the rear seats do not fold to the fullest (flatbed a miss), thus leaving little room for luggage placement.

4. Old school door handles

push-back door-handles

One thing that's surprising is the use of age-old door handles. Yes, this may have gone unnoticed by many but 2016 Mirage still uses lift-back type door handles in an age where cars now come crafted with pull type handles.

In Conclusion...

The above mentioned points may seem like a 2016 Mirage Pros & Cons analysis, and we feel its pros weight heavier than its cons. But at the end it’s users call, if they feel that the extra amount is not giving them the utmost worth than skipping Mirage would be preferred and other options can be grabbed.


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