The Nissan Terra: Brains and brawn

The Nissan Terra: Brains and brawn

Although it gets raves for its striking exterior look, it would be a disservice to say that it's all that makes the Nissan Terra an attractive option for a mid-size SUV.

Nissan positions the Terra as an SUV that you can take to the road confidently not only because of its bold design and robust engineering, but also because of its exceptional tech capabilities that will give you hassle-free trips.

The Terra is one of the models that carry Nissan Intelligent Mobility. This is composed of modern and smart technologies that are developed to assist the drivers for a convenient and safe driving experience. It has a concept of providing intelligent driving, power, and integration once you put your hands on the steering wheel.

We take a look on the four Nissan Intelligent Mobility features that the Terra possesses so we can further understand how these clever elements can enhance every driving experience.

Intelligent rear view mirror

This feature assists the driver in checking if there is another vehicle or obstruction behind the vehicle. The advanced rearview mirror has a built-in LCD monitor that clearly projects the viewpoint of the rearview camera that is embedded in the hatch, which gives the driver a wider sight of the surroundings at the back of the vehicle.

Nissan Terra 2.5L VL 4x4 7AT rearview

The driver has the ability to adjust the function of the mirror: It can either be used as an LCD monitor or as a standard rearview mirror.

Intelligent around view monitor

For an effortless parking even in cramped spaces, Nissan equipped the Terra with four cameras to provide the driver a 360-degree-view of the vehicle surroundings. It also has a function to alert the driver whenever it detects moving objects near the vehicle.

Blind spot warning

This feature is developed to check on the blind spots in the driver's field of vision that can serve as a guide when changing lanes. With the help of radar sensors that are installed on the rear bumper, the driver will be notified if there is another vehicle in the adjacent detection zones.

Lane departure warning

The lane departure warning immediately cautions the driver once it detects that the vehicle is drifting over the lanes. The camera that is installed in front can monitor the road with the help of the left and side lane markers. Nissan developed this feature to ensure that the driver is changing lanes deliberately.

With these four intelligent features, the Nissan Terra has been trusted by Filipino families to accommodate them in every journey towards exciting adventures.

Photos by Eric Tipan

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